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1/32 Albatros D.V from Wingnut Wings

November 28, 2013 · in Aviation · · 28 · 3.8K

This is my firts scale project, the D.V.

The Wingnut Wings kits are beautiful.

It was a real pleasure to build this kit. I painted it Testors and Humbrol enamels.

I used EZ Line for the rigging.

The figures are from Model Cellar and Kellerkind Miniaturen.

I hope that you will enjoy the pictures!

My next projects should be the Mustang P-51D 5-NA 352 FG "CRIPES A MIGHTY 3rd".

Best regards, Eric from France

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  1. Although I tend to shy away from anything with two or more wings and any type of rigging whatsoever, you've done a truly magnificent job on this build, Eric. Very nice work indeed.

  2. Wow, after doing that absolutely stunning natural wood finish to the fuselage you painted over it? Nice model, proof of how good the WNW kits are, but I gotta say that leaves me scratching my head. That wood work was masterful.

  3. Good to see one of these done & done as well as yours. Mine stalled out on the engine wiring.
    I tried to give my seat some padding but it did not turn out as well as yours. Did you make you own cushion or is that the aftermarket seat?
    I will admit to cutting the engine area bulkheads in half under the engine.
    You finished yours in the same markings as I am looking at & they look great. I don't see any signs of bleed through. Are yours straight off the sheet without any backing?

    • Hello Al,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I made myself the seat cushion. There are no after market on the model. It took considerable time to implement the Edelweiss. I was forced to seek a new board decals to Wingnut Wings, the first was too thick and reacted very badly to the softener products.

      Thank you again, Eric

  4. Beautiful job! The figures and base add a lot to make the scene. I dream of being good enough to make it worthwhile to tackle a Wingnut Wings kit one day. You mentioned the line you used for rigging. Is everything else, for the cockpit and engine, part of the kit or did you buy aftermarket parts? Great pictures to look at. Congratulations on a wonderful job.

  5. Hello Alan,

    I used the EZ line just to make the shrouds. For the rest, this is the "house" confection ... Clusters stretched plastic flame to the cockpit and the wire for the engine.

    Thank you very much, Eric

  6. Lovely build. The figures are equally well presented. There's a firm called Uschi (I think) that does a series of 1/32 woodgrain decals, which are applied over a 'natural' base colour. Note to self: must try that.

  7. It certainly looks beautiful, Eric, a fantastic first in 1/32 Where do you put all these models? I was going to ask you if you ever build anything that's not German, but you've already answered the question! I'm looking to seeing your Mustang.

  8. Hello George,

    Yes, I also build other models than German. In fact, I do not have more kits at home than I have presented to you. I have done in the past a series of French fighter that I no longer in my possession but I can show you another time. Now that my eyes get older I will build mostly 1/32 ...

    To see the Mustang, considering the speed at which I build my model, you will have to wait a long time I think ...

    Thank you again.


  9. As Craig , I shy away from anything two winged or involves rigging but I can but admire your build. The whole ambience of it with the crew and the pilot getting ready for another mission sets the tone.
    Great pics as well, the sepia one especially.
    Great work and well done.

    • Hello Simon,

      Above all, do not hesitate to assemble a model Wingnut Wing as the Albatros. It seems that some have encountered some difficulties with the Fokker DVII but I can assure you that taking his time, being careful not to spray paint at the joints of the different parts, assembly models Wingnut wings is a child's play.
      Above all, do not hesitate to mount these models of high quality.

      Regards, Eric

      • Eric's right. These kits are designed for the "non-expert" to get the most out of. You don't have to do all the super-detailing Eric did to have a model you'll really like.

  10. Great job, Eric, wonderful attention to detail, the first photo looks real!

  11. absolutely splendid work

  12. Eric,
    Again, an absolutely outstanding model. You are indeed a Master.

  13. I work with wood all day, and won't even attempt a wood finish. Why did you cover up perfection? Superior in all respects.

  14. Hi Bryan,

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards, Eric

  15. Beautiful albatross, great figures - can be seen that the author did a good job!

  16. I definatly need to get a Wingnut Wings kit! Beautiful Eric

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