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’65 Chevy C-10 Stepside

September 23, 2017 in Automotive

Hello folks, back with another vehicle project:
This time the excellent Revell ’65 Stepside. No chrome, low-profiles or carbon ceramic discs on this one, just good old sheet steel and skinny cross-plies and brakes the size of milk-bottle tops…

…built straight from the box and painted in Tamiya acrylics (my own mix), great relaxing build with no vices apart from the bonnet/hood that doesn’t match the contours of the main body – apparently a common problem with this ‘family’ of molds. No matter I thoroughly enjoyed it. As ever please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments or criticisms.

More car-builds soon, stay tuned.


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15 responses to ’65 Chevy C-10 Stepside

  1. Ian, Great build (brings memories of my Dads Truck). You’ve really captured the look of this classic Chevy !

  2. Hello Ian,
    Excellent model, very realistic weathering. Not forget to mention the “stickers”on the sides. Great model.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  3. Very nice, Ian! I like the wood in the back as well. It looks like old, seasoned oak.

  4. Just like I remember them Ian. That color is pretty close to what Chevy called Robin Egg Blue. Drop the old 283 V-8 under the hood and you had a truck that was hard to beat back then.. Nice job.

  5. That looks very good Ian. The weathering looks just right.

  6. Very Nice! Excellent build!

  7. Well done, Ian….a refreshing change.

  8. This great to see. nice job!

  9. Wow !!
    Thank you all for that, really appreciate the kind words. On a car-building roll at the moment – four more in the pipeline including a very rare Airfix leMans car and a couple of NASCAR racers…

    …stay tuned.


  10. Back when trucks were truck-sized, rather than the oversized uglymobiles they are today. The past 20 years of graduates of the Pasadena Art College of Design (where the majority of car designers get their education) have confused “ugly” with “good.”

    Nice looking model.

  11. Tom, they are just utilitarian. Yeah, that’s it, utilitarian. Or something…. Or as they used to say when I was dispatching over the road people, “It takes a big man to drive a big truck!” Waitresses I’m told, bought that.

  12. Absolutely love this truck Ian. Great weathering and a nice load in the back. Great job!

  13. I’m late to comment on this one, Ian, iModeller seems to be so busy that I missed it. Whatever, you’ve captured the look of this very well, designed back in the day when you bought a pick-up because you really needed one. Looking forward to seeing your NASCAR racers.

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