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1/48 Hobby Craft P-26 Peashooter

January 11, 2018 in Aviation

Work in progress: The Faberge´ “Easter Egg” of Fighter Planes…a gift for my wife. Hobby Craft kit, Yellow Wings decals, Starfighter and Eduard rigging and PE. Paint by Vallejo Air. Kit build and painting went nicely. Decals were very good but the wheel pants and cowling took a bit of patience and a lot of Micro Sol. Rigging and more fiddly bits to go. Pretty happy with the results so far.

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19 responses to 1/48 Hobby Craft P-26 Peashooter

  1. Excellent work Bob, you really did a great job on the decals. Gives a new take on “egg planes”

  2. Great work on the scallops! Looking like this it’s hard to believe that it actually was a combat plane! The interwar period was nice and colorful. (Also 50’s jets. Shiny aluminum and bright colors!)

  3. The Yellow Wings era has to be my favorite time. The planes looked really cool and colorful and almost everything was going for the “Streamlined” effect. This went on to the planes, trains, and automobiles. Even the pull behind travel trailers had the “look”.

    Your build is looking great. Please keep us posted with updates. I’ll be watching for the final reveal.

    Two thumbs up Sir!!!!!

  4. Always thought about giving this model a shot. Your excellent work may be just the kick-start I need.

  5. Looks pretty good from here, Tom…. 🙂

  6. Beautiful Peashooter! I love the Yellow Wings era, too. Those planes had character. Like Louis mentioned, they had the “super streamlined” 30s era “cool” with bright, interesting markings and were very streamlined. Heck, even the paint schemes were streamlined looking!

    Looks great, Tom!

  7. Great work on a very good and underrated kit. I had the same decals but they did not go down as smoothly as yours on the cowl and spats so I had to mask and paint them myself. Look forward to seeing the completed and rigged model.

  8. brilliant work Tom…i’m working on the Hase 1/32 myself

  9. Excellent! I haven’t yet acquired a Peashooter for my stash, but your work here makes that more tempting…!

  10. Makes me want to go out and find one of those kits, since I have those decals.

    • I’d love to see yours, Tom. It would be a masterpiece. Hint on the decals. 1) I had issues with the “overlap” on the wheel pant decals. I ended up sanding the front down and carefully painting it to match. 2) Cowling: after the first side came apart into several tiny pieces, I started over. I cut each side piece into three separate parts, just outside the yellow band. Then I applied those and lastly tied them together with the red parts I cut off. Just my way of making it work.

  11. Absolutely very interesting project. Looking very good. I may join a Peashooter group building …

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