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Glamorous Glennis in 1/72

September 10, 2017 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.9K

Finally finished this one - the old kit - and it was a pleasure to build. Fit was generally very good and the cockpit and landing gear really looked the part. I added some Brengun photo etch, some miscellaneous brass pitot booms from Master, and the excellent Cutting Edge sheet replaced the kit's decals. Model Master "Go Mango" with a touch of red added was used for the orange, then lightly sprayed with some thinned MM clear semi-gloss lacquer after decaling.

This was Chuck Yeager's airplane on the day he officially made the first supersonic flight in 1947. Having just read a wonderful book on the subject (Walter Boyne's "The Quest for Mach One"), I was inspired to finish the kit that I had purchased 15 years ago.

I hope you like it.

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  1. Great Glamorous Glennis Jeff
    Beautiful model


  2. Nice work, my friend...I did the (Revell?) 48th kit ages ago - when ya could still get the "Glamorous Glennis" markings. Yours looks better, though. 🙁

  3. Very nice. I remember trying to wedge myself inside the 1:1 mockup we had for "The Right Stuff." No way 6'1" me was doing that! And it was equally clear that nobody was getting out of that thing in an emgency in mid-air. Going out that side hatch was a guaranteed wing strike! Yeager being only 5'6" he could fit inside, but even then it was tight.

  4. The life of a test pilot! A beautiful build!

  5. Well done!
    I appreciate the details you added to the model, such as the sensors on the wings and the tires worn from the landings on the dry lake at the Muroc base.

  6. Thanks for all your kind comments!

  7. Very nice clean build!

  8. Beautifully done, Jeff! History you can touch, so to speak.

  9. Beautiful job Jeff. I have two of these on my bench right now, and they keep getting put aside as other things catch my fancy. (ADHD probably)! Thanks for sharing . . . might just get me to finish mine! ?

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