Modeling by Marvin Reyes


HobbyBoss F-105D Thunderchief (1/48th)

by Marvin Reyes on July 25, 2013 in Aviation -- 10 Comments

Here’s the HobbyBoss F-105D in 48th. The kit has way too many parts, that make construction difficult, especially the wings. The seperate spoilers on the upper wing are a pain and it’s a pain to get the spoilers to lay […]


Ki-Tech Cutlass

by Marvin Reyes on December 13, 2012 in Aviation -- 10 Comments

The Vought F7U Cutlass has always been one of my favorite airplanes, but getting a nice one in 48th scale is tough; the choices are limited, with the Hobbycraft kit, with all its faults, probably being the best one. I […]

DSC03370 - Copy

Hobbycraft CF-105 “Arrow”

by Marvin Reyes on December 9, 2012 in Aviation -- 6 Comments

This is the “New tool” Hobbycraft CF-105, in 1/48th scale. The kit comes in a rather large, sturdy box, which is really needed because this is a big model. I’m impressed with the size of the completed model every time […]