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My Pacific War builds

Thank you to Michael Woodgate for the good idea to post builds.
1.) 1/48 p38 Lightening
2.) 1/700 USS Colorado
3.) 1/350 fm2 Wildcat
4.) USS West Virginia
5.) USS Baltimore
6.) J2m Jack
7.) IJN Suzuya
Earlier today when I told my friends about VJ Day, only 2 of them knew what it was. This was surprising since we had learned about it in 7th grade which was only 2 years ago.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. These are really nice, Amari. Nice to find someone from the videogame generation who has the attention span to be a modeler. Perhaps there is a future for the hobby! I wish mine had looked this good when I was your age.

  2. Thank you Amari for joining in on the VJ Day commemoration tribute. Your models look fantastic!
    Really good to see some ships. Ships played at very big part in the Pacific war.

  3. Nice models, Amari!

  4. Very nice models !
    I love ships too but it’s not in the works right now, lest I build an addition to my house for display space !
    It’s good to know history as it looks like we are starting all over again making similar mistakes.
    Well done.

  5. A nice collection there!

  6. Great work, Amari! Glad to see a young modeler, not to mention your grasp of history!

  7. Great builds Amari.

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