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B-17G “Chow Hound” Revell 1/48

December 17, 2012 · in Aviation · · 4 · 3.3K

This plane was my third official build and it was and still is my favorite build, but the b-26 will probably surpass this plane for the favorite build spot once I finish it.

This plane was my first real attempt at painting according to directions and I tried new techniques with it such as dry brushing on the underside of the wings etc.

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  1. Billy,
    Thanks for sharing. Wow, that's a lot of surface to brush-paint, and you've done a commendable job. Having had a look at your profile, no this is not a cheap hobby (well I'd say its cheaper than golf anyway :)) but the good part is that much fun can be accomplished even using the simple tools, and self-improvement is always a part of the process. Thanks for joining. /m

  2. Billy I admire you for building such a large bird on your third official attempt. Haven't gotten the couage to do mine after five years in the stash. When I started to build again I used rattle can paint then hand brushed all the smaller parts before acquiring an air brush. Check the web to see if there are any local modeling clubs in your area, they always have members that sell/trade inexpensive kits especially at one of there shows. Did a commendable job keep plugging away and you'll be amazed how your skills improve with each model.

  3. Boy, does that bring back some memories. I still have that model hangin' from the ceilin', all dusty and the wings droopin' down - just don't have the heart to toss it. You did a good job considering the method(s) used. Thanks for postin' the kit and takin' me down memory lane.

  4. Thanks for the comments, they're greatly appreciated 😀 I actually have an airbrush now but I'm trying to learn how to use it before I use it on a plane so I don't do an absolutely horrid job like I did on my B-24J which I'll make a post of later tonight. Right now I'm currently working on a B-26 by Revell and I started to spray the tail of the plane and my airbrush was spitting so I gave up on that and I decided to brush it so it doesn't come out utterly terrible.

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