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Eduard 1:48 F6F-3 Hellcat

December 9, 2012 · in Aviation · · 14 · 6.2K

Another TMMI submission for a while back. Additions include a Quickboost R-2800, a Jaguar resin interior (meant for the Hasegawa kit), ultracast prop, and assorted other tidbits fashioned out of plastic stock.

Colors are custom mixed using Mr. color lacquers. National insignias are also painted using 's vinyl masks.

During World War Two the US Navy stressed the team, not the individual, so I decided to model a plain everyday ‘Cat with ubiquitous markings. All too often we celebrate the “ace” in aircraft modeling and overlook the significant contributions of the average pilot. Hats off to all the "brown shoes".

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  1. Uh...WOW! Great looking 'Cat! I especially like your choice to model one of the 'average working guys'

  2. Nice build, Roger...fine attention to detail - I've seen 32nd examples not as well done (mine leaps to mind).

  3. Roger, that's one fine Hellcat dude! Man, you got it goin' on...:)

  4. Roger... great looking Hellcat and weathered to a T, especially the exhaust.

  5. Eh, another boring Fabrocini model, like all the others, all done to the same Standard of Excellence. 🙂

    Very nice work on the "Ace-maker" (The Hellcat created more aces than any other USN fighter). And good to do one of the "fresh caught" Ensigns.

  6. Just marvelous, Roger. Beyond the seamless construction and perfect alignments, your talent for shading and layering really shows in all that blue and light grey. The masked markings display a precise and deliberate restraint in your paint application- you're truly an artist.

    You're right about the unsung brown shoes... as then-Col. Doolittle said in Britain, "If each one of our pilots shoots down just one enemy fighter, we will win." (Not an exact quote). Still, whenever I've talked to Naval Aviators who downed enemy a/c most seemed to have been taught and inspired by the examples set by their high scoring mentors. Alex Vraciu alluded to this when he said in 1999 that "Thach and O'Hare proved that the Zero could be bested, taught us how, and that gave us a tremendous boost in confidence."

  7. That is one fine looking Hellcat!
    Have a 48th scale Eduard Hellcat on the bench myself. A great kit, but why did I go for an overall sea blue -5 when the tri-color scheme on the -3 is so much more exciting...

  8. Great! Everything is spot on.

  9. Nice looking Hellcat Roger.

    The aftermarket propeller helps tremendously. I know there were a lot of complaints when the kit came out about the gear struts being too long, but once the kit drop tank is installed it doesn't look too bad to me. Thanks for posting.

  10. Roger,
    Great model, and I was particularly impressed by these exhaust stains on the fuselage. Would you please share your technique and the paint shades used?

  11. It is hart to tell something new, well painted, subtle weathering but very realistic. I am courious why did you used mixes of Gunze: was it for fading effect?

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