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Raymond Collishaw’s “Black Maria” – Roden 1/32 Sopwith Triplane

December 30, 2012 · in Aviation · · 4 · 3K

Having trashed Billy Bishop, here's a model flown by the Canadian (and Empire/Commonwealth) Ace of Aces, Raymond Collishaw, whose 60 victories in the Triplane and Camel were fully documented by his squadron mates with whom he flew, and are verified in the German loss records. I've often thought that the great aces of the First World War were absolutely representative of "national types" from their respective countries (could Nungesser or Guynemer have been other than French? Von Richtofen other than Prussian? Rickenbacker or Luke other than American?) And Collishaw to me, when you read his biography, could never be anything but representative of the best type of Canadian.

The kit is the now-unavailable Sopwith Triplane. While it makes up into a nice model, it is very simplified, and I can assure you that putting it next to the new WNW Tripehound (which I am finishing now) proves the difference between a diamond and a zircon. From a couple feet away the two have no trouble sitting next to each other, but get closer and there's no contest (and if you can find the Roden kit, the price differential is not that much compared to the WNW kit). Decals are from the great Pheon Triplane sheet,which is highly recommended for your WNW kit.

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  1. Excellent work.
    One of my favorite planes. I built it too:

  2. Nice builds on both accounts-TC must have incredible patience to do all of these kites. Vlad does a nice wood prop, considering wood grain doesn't scale down.

  3. Triple excellent, myself want it Collishaw option.
    Tom, therefore, still advise triplane from WNW?

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