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Israeli captured MiG 17 1/48

April 14, 2013 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.8K

This is my rendition of one of many MiG 17's that came into Israel's hands in 1965,there are different accounts of how this aircraft was captured,some say the pilot defected others that it was forced down in the heat of battle by superior IAF pilots,later that same year six MiG 17 's landed in Israel either by mistake believing they were at a safe dispersal base in Lebanon or as many believe because they were duped into landing by Israeli radio operators speaking Arabic.

The kit is by and went together well with no fit issues,the decals are from Hannants in the U.K.,The decal sheet gives you the option of Syrian, Israeli or U.S. markings ,I did think a U.S. MiG 17 would be unusual to see but as I am an IAF fan I went with this version.

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  1. Well Neil, I always love a MiG and you've got a good one here! It looks great and I love that colorful paint work. Congrats on a beauty mate.

    • Thanks for your kind words,the nose ring is obviously the wrong shape,but it turned out o.k.,I spoke to an ex Israeli pilot who has seen the actual aircraft and was very complimentary,your use of the word Mate makes me think your a Brit am I right?

  2. Coincidence time. I picked up the AZ 1/72nd version of the craft you built so I can use my Eagle Strike decals.
    Hope my looks as good as yours when done.
    What paints did you use?

  3. I dind't even know that Airfix made the -17, especially in this scale... it looks like one of their new production, isn't it?

    • When I bought the kit off e bay for a fiver I had a look at it and consigned it to the "pending" file as it looked quite poor and I noticed that the sprues had a different manufacturors name but I can't remember which,it was a company I hadn't heard off but remember it sounded eastern european ,also the box artwork was poor not up to Airfix's usual standard.

  4. Just done a bit of homework it was made by Smer but boxed as Airfix.

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