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OK if nobody's going to post today...over 1000 I go....

April 17, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 1.3K

Such a nice number. I'll "Rocket" over the top with this I did last year. For it's age it's still a cool kit. Pretty much kept to what was in the box, except for making a couple of "Luftstanders" to disply the kit-supplied rocket motor. I read Osprey's "Komet Units" book at this time, I am amazed by those crazy people that took off in these things. Gold-plated yarbles they had, indeed.

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  1. Nice job on that build, Bill...I have the same one (built), but I don't recall that option with the engine exposed - I suppose I just got lazy and closed it up.

  2. Dang Bill, that's a great Komet! She looks cool. Man, I gotta replace the ancient Testors I've had for years. You are right about those pilots. Brave people who would do what they did. Thanks for sharing your Komet

  3. Further proof that just because it's old doesn't mean it's no good. I don't think anyone is going to better that kit. Not to mention you did a really nice job on it. One thing, In Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1943-45, they were able to examine one of the Me-163s at Point Cook that was still in its original paint (just before it was stripped and repainted incorrectly - one of the greater crimes against history committed by those supposed to preserve it). It had a very shiny, smooth paint job, and it turned out it was waxed. Of course, now there are no Me-163s in the original scheme to know that, but the authors went on at length in the book about that.

  4. Yep- I'd have to agree that people who would volunteer to sit in a cockpit surrounded by T-Stoff (high test peroxide) and C-Stoff (methanol-hydrazine-water mixture) that when added together or with any organic matter would spontaneously combust would have large Gold-plated yarbles. Great subject and Great modeling job.

  5. That Komet looks great, Bill!
    One of my favourite subjects and I seem to remember Dragon/SH announced one in 32nd scale a year or so ago but so far nothing...

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    said on April 18, 2013

    Brilliant Komet Bill. They had one of these at my local air museum years back, and i can say yours looks the real deal. The old Hasegawa kit builds into a real beaut doesnt it? Sadly i have to report that as Tom says it did not wear its original camo paint, and looks like someone took a can of Dulux emultion to it with an overall sorta swartzgrun paint job 🙁

  7. Beautiful job! Trying to finish mine up in 1/48. Was the antenna mast metal or wood?

  8. Sorry don't know that answer actually. I would assume (uh oh) it was wood tipped with a whip.

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