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Mini theme, one of each….

January 30, 2016 · in Uncategorized · 13 · 1.3K

Celebrate diversity,,,

Boat (undawatta) car figger tank plane snowspeeder (try to categorize this one).
Of course in 4 out of 6 categories I have only one. But I was looking at the new Polar Lights "Wizard of Oz" set but since I found out it's $160.00 that idea is over. I do have a Nice Tamiya T-Rex in the closet I really need to get to.

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  1. Is that the big Revell Gato?

  2. Exceptional weathering on that sub, just how long IS a 1/144th sub?

  3. Nice collection Bill. Good builds all of them. As a ship builder I very much rejoice seeing the sub. Keep it up.

  4. Nice looking undawatta boatie thingy dingy. Would not have guessed it was the Trumpeter kit; looks much larger. Excellent job.

  5. Love the Mad Max Interceptor, is it the Aoshima kit? Very well done!

  6. Bill, that sub is really well done and painted. I thought it was the 72nd Revell, too. You have nothing to fear about the painting process, given that and the others here.
    I also like the Chinese Hawk, is that the 48th Hobbycraft or the 32nd?
    Classic paint job for that aircraft. That Chennaults personal airplane, before the AVG?

  7. Thanks Bernard. the Hawk is 1/32 Special hobby, another conversion job. See here:

  8. Love the snow speeder! Where can I get a real one (sans the nose gun - don't really need it for rabbit hunting here in Oklahoma...)?

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