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May 20, 2013 · in Armor · · 10 · 1.3K

Hi everyone, I'm a new member, an Englishman currently living and working in north east China. I've returned to plastic kits after a fairly long time as a railway modeller in the UK. My nearest modelling shop is over 300 kms away, so I have to rely on the internet for supplies, which is not easy here! Anyway, here are a few models I've completed in the last couple of months. They are straightforward builds from the box, the only extra details are the chin strap on the jeep driver, and the antennae on the universal carrier. They are all (as I'm sure you've already guessed) kits. I've chosen Tamiya as they are a known quantity to me, and are some of the most readily available here. My next kit (currently on order) is the 1/20 Ferrari F60 F1 car. Has anyone built one?

Thanks for your help and comments.

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  1. Welcome aboard and back to the 'game' - nice little jeep...can't go wrong with Tamiya's stuff (what's that it's sittin' on? looks wet).

    • Thanks, Craig, the models are sitting on a cupboard which is covered in some kind of clear plastic sheet, it sticks in some places and not in others (the wet looking bits), it's happened by accident, but then the best things often do...

  2. Welcome to imodeler George! Great collection you have there. too bad you are so far away from model stuff. I have visited Hong Kong (before and after the return to Chinese rule) and it was hobby paradise, still kicking myself for choosing dinner and some beers over that hardback copy of Tigers in Combat I, it was only about $50 US after the exchange rate, stupid stupid sailor 🙂 Anyway welcome aboard!

  3. Welcome George, nothing more than a Tamiya Jeep to get back into the saddle again. Really whets the appetite just getting back in. Nice ones, you haven't lost your touch.

    Fly Navy

  4. Welcome to imodeler & back to the hobby. Nice looking kits. I haven't built that particular F-1 kit but have built some of the auto kits. They go together like clockwork as all their kits do. The only thing I'd recommend you watch for is a tendency to have faint mold lines on the bodies that don't show up till you prime or worse when putting your color coat on.

  5. Nice builds! "Made in China" but they look bloody good! 😉

  6. Welcome to imodeler and welcome back to the fold. Very nice collection so far, especially the Tamiya Jeep which is one of my personal favorites.

  7. welcome Chuck both to imodeler and back to the hobby your stuff looks great

  8. Nice Willy George! and welcome to iModeler

  9. said on May 27, 2013

    George . I too would like to get some info/details on runways, landing strips, to display models on, other than on concrete pads, or maybe grass strips !

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