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Tamiya 175 mm M107 Mechanized Howitzer in 1:35 (#37021), with diorama

September 29, 2017 · in Armor · · 12 · 5.2K
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Hi all,

I reported twice on this build before, but now I found the time to drive things to completion. This is basically an kit reboxed by dating from the late Eighties. I upgraded the mold by adding tubing for hydraulics and electrics on the gun mount and loading ram to bring more life to the model. I also scratch built the drivers compartment and printed some of the parts using my 3D printer.

I finished the upgrading and started the weathering process. I made a base out of wood, cardboard and fine plaster and painted it using acrylics. I tried to mimic the feature photograph of an SPG at Camp Caroll near the DMZ 1968.

I brought depth to the base using chalk powder as pigment. I also started sculpting the figures for the diorama from wire and green stuff. This step will take a bit of time, but since next year marks the 50th birthday of the 1968 Tet offensive marking a turning point in public support to the war in SEA, I found it very worthwhile. This one is in honor of all those who served in SEA! I will use Hornet heads and some scratch built items. I will report back again soon on this.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.

Happy modeling!


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  1. Nicely done, sir...and the first time I've seen figures actually made from scratch rather than cobbling together various body parts and enhancing them where necessary with putty or whatever. That appears (at least to me) quite an undertaking, but it looks as if you've got a plan in mind and the talent to pull it off. I'll be looking forward to the end result(s).

  2. Amazing work Michel, really looking forward to seeing those GI's when they're finished. BTY, you seem to enjoy some really nice wines as well.

  3. Hi Tom, indeed... I'm slowly running out of figure-sculpting projects to justify the wine bottle procurement...

  4. Michel: You did a great job on this M107 builr. The model really looks good on the diorama base that you made.

  5. Michel, impressive piece, like the real one. You got that red dust and ground color right. Nice work on the figures, I'll look forward to seeing them when they are completed.

  6. Hi Bernard, yes, I studied many references, even recent pics from vets visiting Khe Sanh and Camp Caroll area to get that "Nam red dust" color right... It really is one of a kind! Thanks for your likes all!

  7. Michel, along with the heat and the humidity and the chance of getting wounded, that red dust was just a fact of life. It got on and into everything.

  8. Well done, Michel!

  9. Very good Michel. That's an impressive bit of armour modelling.

  10. Amazing work indeed ! I really like this one. You captured the "look" rather well my friend...

  11. Nice work, Michel, a good example of "real" modelling.

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