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Video review: Trumpeter 1/32 scale A-1D/AD-4 Skyraider.

May 6, 2013 · in Reviews · · 8 · 1.2K

Here is a 30-minute long detailed inbox review of 's new scale A-1D/AD-4 . Produced by BlackSheep0ne from Willis Hobbies.

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  1. I could only get through about half of this "presentation" and couldn't take this dork any longer. For someone who is supposedly doing a kit review, he seemed pretty much clueless as to what he had in front of him. He obviously (at least to me), doesn't appear to be a 'modeler', as he was guessing at parts that should've been obvious to anyone in the hobby. If you really wanna know what's in the Trumpter Skyraider kit, watch this video with the speakers off. This clip seemed aimed more at the novice.

    • Terribly sorry, as a matter of fact I watched much of it myself with the sound off and scrolling to and fro :). Should have double-checked and anyway, 30 min is too much to ask for a kit review... even if this appears to be an interesting kit.

      I'll try to improve next time.

      • My response was strictly a matter of opinion and no slam against iModeler or the administrator. Nor do I harbor any personal ill-will toward the person who did the video. I just think it could have been done more professionally...that's all.
        What I DID watch, however, answered my question(s) about the kit. I won't be buying it after building the Z-M offering.

  2. I dunno, I just looked at this, and just didn't find it at all horrible. Let it be said right now I know this guy he is in my club, and a good sort he is. As an in-box review I thought it did the job, displaying what is in the kit for those who might be contemplating buying one. Sure he did not know what a couple things were but hell who could identify what a toilet is doing in there like he did? It was definitely too long, he could have left out the patter in the beginning but is putting some personality in a bad thing? As far as the kit goes I would have tagged it for that "soft" detail on the engine for one. But it's in no danger as I don't do anything postwar anyway.

    If any review (preview) like this is too long for you, you can always scroll thru it and pick your stuff to watch (I did). I appreciate anybody who takes the time and put in the work to do something like this, there are never enough reviews for me.

  3. What Bill said. I know this fella also and he is a real good egg. Not everyone is cut out for public speaking, but at least he tried. Okay, a half an hour may be a bit too long for a kit review, but I would rather watch this than a half hours worth of Jersey Shore.

  4. I've watch any number of "Presentations" by modeling enthusiasts on You-Tube and a lot of them are rather dry when compared to a Iron Man 3 movie or some of Fail Compilations on You-tube. I really prefer to read a good review that covers the high points and the low points with out the visual distractions of a modeler trying to do there best at looking relaxed and informative. Now if they had a female presenter who was knowledgeable, loved modeling and was dressed like some of those Russian Women news casters ... it still wouldn't work.

    Jersey Shore...thankfully got canceled. These reality shows are for the birds and its another way for the net works not to pay for Writers. Greed comes to mind.

    There's something about the privacy of reading and collecting your own thoughts with the written word.

  5. said on May 20, 2013

    Thank you everyone for the nice and positive comments.
    Especially to Mr. Craig Abrahamson...not very nice to call someone you don't know a Dork.
    But just so you know, these videos are aimed at the general modeler and not at the advanced professional experts like yourself.
    It's an inside the box view so the viewer knows what to expect and help them make a better decision when it comes to spending over $50.00 ( in this case over $100.00) on model kit.
    It's that simple.
    Enjoy the videos.

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