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Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10 Revell 1/48

March 10, 2019 · in Aviation · · 12 · 3.4K
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This is the 3rd model I finished, and one of my first attempts at airbrushing. I inherited an old Badger 150 with a "large" needle, wich is very evident in the mottle.

It is mostly OOB, but the canopy was very distorted, so a replacement came from my growing spares. Also from there came the wheels, as well as the antenna, and some harnesses that came from the Eduard photoetch with 5 each 109 and 190 harnesses. The antenna is Uschi Van der Rosten flexible thread - great stuff!

The kit dates back from 1979 "made in China" and is not the best 109 ever, but for honing your skills it is cheap and builds fast.

The decals were somewhat thick, but a sharp blade and micro sol/set did most of the trick, even though they are not near perfect.

Strong tailwinds!

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12 responses

  1. If this is one of your first attempts at airbrushing I think your on the right track. Also like your choice of colors.

  2. Good-lookin' build, sir...I like it !

  3. Now you're talking ! This one looks great and I think that you nailed the look with the mottling. Like Dale said, if this is your first attempt at air brush work, you did a mighty fine job with it.

    Ditto with the colors you picked.

    Well done my friend.

  4. Great result on 3rd try! That old Revell '109 is (OK- was) a great kit for it's day, and you're right, as a cheap, brush up the skills kit, a true winner. Love JG 301's rot und gelb RVD bands as you chose.

    As to airbrushing/mottling... I've struggled for years and still do, but I think the tip size may not be so much of an issue as thinning/mixing. Really fine atomization is, for me, the holy grail. The individual bottle of paint, choice of thinner, retarder, thoroughness of mixing and maintaining the mix without separation or 'breaking' as you go, (not to mention pressure!) is, for me, a constant challenge. Then there's the disposition of the gøds on a given day. :p

  5. Thanks for all the good vibes and advice!

    It is actually my third airbrush session, the first was a 109E that I wanted to post here, but alas, being rather foolish, I dropped it on the floor as I were about to bring it out in the sunshine yesterday - some minor repairs and it will be here 🙂

    How about the second? - well that was a Revell (ICM) 109F-4, but building it frustrated me greatly, and it has now become my sacrificial 109 to try out techniques with the airbrush. Great fun though, to have a model that is just there for trial and error!

  6. Its a pretty simple kit, but with a bit of care they do build up very well.
    Nice job Eric - keep up the good work.

  7. Nice work. I remember back in 1979 when that kit was "the best". Still makes up nice.

    Get a fine tip for that airbrush and you are on your way!

  8. I have since this one kindly been donated a fine tip, and the airbrush is a lot better! Anyone got experience with the Harder & Steinbeck Infinity? - expensive yes, but worth it? - My unqualified guess is that like every other tool you might just as well get the best your pocket can support, and then it is up to your skills to get up to speed.

  9. Very nice. The fine tip is great and experimenting with mixes and air pressures will help. I have an Aztek A470 which I love

  10. Sometime ago, I read that kit was one of the best as far as the basic shape/outline is concerned . I built one and airbrushed it, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Although I did take the liberty to add a cool looking squadron badge to the nose from another kit, just to add visual interest .

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