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Airfix Oldie

June 5, 2013 · in Aviation · · 9 · 1.8K

This is a Vickers Vanguard in scale. The Vanguard was the next evolution of the Viscount. It was deveolped to meet a requirement 100+ passenger seating.

According to Wikipedia It entered into service in 1960 & the last one retired in 1996. They also state it was one of the fastest turboprops ever. Unfortunately it came on the scene just as the larger jet airliners arrived so there was not much demand for the aircraft. The majority of them were converted to freighters.

As far as the kit goes it is pretty basic but with a good component fit. I built it fairly quickly, foe me that is, so I didn't do any panel shading on the natural metal areas. The lettering & windows are decals. A decal is supplied for the vertical stabilizer but since the scheme was pretty basic I went ahead & painted it. The natural metal finish is original Alclad & the colors are Model Master.

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  1. That looks pretty nice given the scale...although I've never done anything in 1/144th, so I'm not sure of the model's actual size with no reference in the pic. So how long is it from nose-to-tail in inches, Al...?

  2. Al, I think it looks great, this scale must be the right one for these airliners.

  3. That's a pretty radical dihedral on that tail-plane (almost like a V-tail).

  4. Very well done on your BA build. I built the original issue in the '60s with Trans-Canada Airways livery. As a kid and as an American, I had never even heard of TCA. Adios, Larry.

  5. Another nice one Al. Where do you hide all these..or are they just lost amid your

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