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F4F-4 Flown by Captain Jefferson DeBlanc USMCR, MOH

June 30, 2013 · in Aviation · · 3 · 2.3K

Jefferson DeBlanc was assigned to VMF-112 and in November of 1942 he entered into combat. On his first mission he scored a double victory and at the time, he had 10 hours in the . On January 31, 1943 he shot down two float planes and 3 Zeros. He himself was shot down but was picked up by the Coast-watchers network and 13 days later he was returned to his base. For this event he received the Medal of Honor. He is credited with 9 confirmed victories.

In March of 2000 I had the honor to meet and lunch with Col DeBlanc at a "Friends of the Aces" event. As Marines we hit it off very well. we had a very nice conversation. I told him I would be happy to make a model of the F4F if he would like. I told him that if I did I would like to have a handwritten note from him thanking me for the model. He did more than a note, he send a very nice letter.

Col DeBlanc retired from the USMCR in 1971. He passed away in his original home town of St. Martinville, LA at the age of 86.

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  1. impressive job frank...i loved the leblanc episode of dogfights...that thick cajun accent

  2. Great story Frank and nicely done Wildcat. Again reading a letter from an Aviator of that time in history just makes it more special. The men and women who gave up their life here in CONUS to fight abroad to defend world peace not just our way of life. And don't get me wrong those who stayed home and did their part here in the factories, training, worked just as hard and they are just as heroic in every way to make sure we were able to maintain those units fighting overseas. Love the history and here the individual efforts that took place that most of us don't get to hear about. Thanks for sharing Frank.

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