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Revell 1/72 BV-138C-1

December 22, 2021 · in Aviation · · 46 · 2K

Hi everyone!

This is my BV-138C-1, finished as W.Nr.13803 10158, 2./KüFl.Gr.406, “K6+AK” machine, in service from special catapult launching ships in the Norwegian Coast. This machine carried a special emblem at the port fuselage, celebrating the 1000th launch from the Catapult Vessel “Bussard” (SP 21), which took place sometime in 1944. Nicknamed “Der Fliegende Holzschuh” (Flying Clog, from the side-view shape of its fuselage, as well as a play on the title of the Wagner opera “Der Fliegende Hollander”), the Blohm & Voss Seedrache (Sea Dragon) was a World War II German trimotor flying boat that served as the Luftwaffe's main seaborne long-range maritime patrol and naval reconnaissance aircraft. It was unique in appearance and design features, with its twin boom tail unit, short fuselage, distinct "turn-down" or "beak" at the stern and three 2-stroke diesel engines, with the middle driving a 4-bladed prop and the wing 3-bladed ones. Armament consisted of two enclosed, powered gun turrets with single MG 151/20 autocannons and one MG 131 machine gun in open position behind the central engine. Up to 6 × 50 kg bombs or 4 × 150 kg depth charges could optionally be loaded under starboard wing root only. Some examples (designated BV 138 MS) were converted for mine sweeping and carried magnetic field-generating degaussing equipment. The BV 138 was also tested as a platform utilizing RATOs, for shorter takeoff performance. The type was produced from 1938 to 1943, with a total of 297 built.
This is the venerable kit reboxed by Revell, meaning old mold but with nice decals. Though it would be nice to see a modern, detailed kit of this important and distinctive looking flying boat, the Supermodel can still hold its own today.
Should you wish to read the full review, you may do so by visiting my beloved site Modelingmadness:

Happy modeling!

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  1. I saw the first picture before I saw the builders name but I could tell right away it was one of your builds, Spiros. Very interesting, very cool and very nice. Love it! Great job...

  2. An amazing result of a not so often seen aircraft, Spiros @fiveten
    I was not aware of its existance and was even more surprised by the use of diesel engines.
    For sure I'm going to read your review on MM.

  3. I agree with Gary, Spiro would have a nose for a German three sum. Supermodel/Revell makes makes some interesting kits that no one would touch. A real delight to see built up Spiros. Your very productive and can find some interesting subject matter.

    Two thumbs up.

  4. This is again a rare plane - and a rare model! It looks great!

    I remember seeing an even more rare BV-138 wreck in real life in Denmark, one of the museums has a large piece of the fuselage, in very corroded state.

  5. Great looking 'Clog' Spiros, another not so common kit and you've done a fabulous job.
    Also great to see your post on the MM site!
    I happen to have a Supermodel BV-138 on my shelves, a LHS was moving some displays around and they ran out of room to show it, so it was offered and I was happy to oblige.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. @fiveten - It’s always nice to see some unusual airplanes built on these pages. Your B&V was the most fantastic conception the Germans had for a seaplane imo. The hull shape, the unorthodox engine position and that weird MG standing on the back of the central engine truly captures the eye of the beholder.

    Spiros my friend, I had the pleasure of seeing your earlier post of this model over at MM, but your photos here look far better and do much justice to your beautiful model. Bravo

  7. @fiveten - Nice to see more photos of this, Spiros.These do look far better. Such an unusual seaplane. Did you scratch build the trailer or did it come with the kit?

  8. You have a knack for collecting these unusual models and building them to perfection, another great post, the write-up, model, and photographs complement each other perfectly.

  9. Impeccable build of a plane worthy of Poseidon !
    I have one in my collection.I hope to build It as nice as yours some time in the future . Great painting work . Probable the best I have seen of any BV138.

  10. I like it, Spiros. Well done!

  11. This build ine para poli orea, @Spiros! Great colors, beautiful to look at!

  12. Super job on a very interesting plane. I almost bought the MPM 48 scale resin kit but my display space is getting very limited.

  13. That’s awesome, Spiros. Very good unique model.

  14. they've all said it Spiros, great job!

  15. Another Oddball, Spiros - done beautifully! I have to admit this is the first time I’ve clapped eyes on a ‘clog’. I had to go through your photos half a dozen times just to work it all out. A brilliant ‘signature’ build my friend. An older kit turned into a museum piece (again)!

  16. Good work, Spiros. A clean finish to what can be a challenging kit, in places... :-).

    I have a '138' to refurbish at some point... I'm slowly working my way through some of my older kits to bring them up to speed, also including a Do24. Some day, perhaps...

  17. Nice work Spiros! I like the choice of subject, a rarely modeled and very big bird! My compliments to you on a job well done! Merry Christmas

  18. Good job with this iconic German seaplane!
    Merry Christmas to Greece!

  19. Spiros, great job on your build, it came out looking great! I like seaplanes very much, this one looks a bit ahead of its time compared to the others back then. Just my opinion…..

    And Merry Christmas my friend! 🙂

  20. I love this aircraft and what you did with it! Soft spot for military sea planes. Great finish and attention to details! I have heard (?) that the center fuse can be challenge? I just looked at my CANT Z 506B and it's been on my list recently.

    • Thanks my friend @jagmkx!
      Fit was not "Tamiya" for sure, but nothing too un-manageable. "Test fit three times, glue once" was the way to go. Some of the (pronounced, might I say) raised detail was lost during the process, but I would not bother about it.

  21. Excellent build! I have the Supermodel kit, and had actually pulled it out a couple of years ago to start it, then got distracted (squirrel!). I think I may try to knock it off in 2022 - it's such a cool aircraft. Your build may have pushed mine up the queue!

  22. Interesting aircraft nicely modeled Spiros.

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