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Hasegawa FW 190-A8 132

June 28, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.8K

My grand kids keep saying that they keep getting better and betterer,well that's the same for me in this case. All of my builds are improvements over the subsequent builds which means that I have a lot to learn. One of my many faults is getting frustrated at the very end of the build and wind up stuffing the goose on one thing or the other because of my impatience. There have been a lot of builds that are relegated to the closet of doom.
I was given this kit by a friend because he knew that I had an affinity for the 190 in about any model or livery and that may be my down fall at a future time.

This kit went together for me like soft butter on hot toast. No major difficulties other than the limitations of my skill. One of the draw backs is the absence of the blown type of canopy as the kit has a selection of two different head rests. The engine is lacking in fine detail but that is a moot point entirely because it is well hidden. decals used for the instrument dials are quite reasonable facsimiles and look rather nice with a little care in their application and a few coats of a flat coat.

All of the colors that were used are Vallejo thinned well and shot through my Iwata Revolution.
I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the build and I hope to be able to bring out another build of better skills learned.


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  1. Well...from the looks of this example, you can't have a LOT to learn. It looks pretty darn good from where I'm sittin'...nice work.

  2. Glad to see your work at the front page. Do you prime the model for Vallejo paints? I never managed to get them to stick to the surface properly, they spray well but rub off easily.

    • I use Krylon gray or white prime rand at $4.00 a can I usually get 6 models out of one can.:)

    • said on June 29, 2013

      Dear editor,

      Valejo has a line called polyurethane primers on water as solvent base. They were probably developed especially for AFV modellers but they are very suitable for airplane modellers, too. E.G. you have German tank grey that is near to RLM 66 from the bottle. You are recommended to mist your plastic surface 2 - 3 times from a 20 cm distance. However, then it works! You will get a flatting out semi gloss surface very resistant to mechanical and chemical harm! These pimers are even suited to apply ALCLAD II afterwards! So, then no longer problems with Valejo Model Air brand will exist (I know them, b.t.w.). If you need more details give me a note and I can provide more information about the brand, the places where to order and about the finish on my latest models: the 1/48 Tamiya and HOBBY BOSS Me 262s. Greetings from Frankfurt am Main. GM

  3. I think you've cracked "the secret." 🙂

    A really really nice model. You're right about the kit and the way it goes together.

  4. Paul,
    Great job, I like the scheme

  5. Another good looking Hasegawa FW 190, excellent, well done, Paul!

  6. fine looking build

  7. very nice build as far as getting frustrated and messing things up at the end that happens to ALL of us no matter how good or long you've been building some days your on some days your not THATS what frustrates me you have done a very very fine job of the 190 keep it up and when you get frustrated remember its all about FUN

  8. Very nice. Like the subtle finish.

  9. Gentlemen, I thank you for your kind comments and suggestions. I think I made a wise choice in joining on here.

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