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Tamiya 1:48 RAF Mustang Mk.III

I had originally planned to build the kit´s clone, ICM/´s Mk.III, but after getting frustrated with the warped fuselage halves, I decided to get the real thing.

The kit was a pleasure to build, everything fitted perfectly.

I used the Revell decals from the Revell kit instead of the Tamiya ones. The ones on the upper part of the aircraft went on perfectly, but the ones on the lower wings refused to conform to the panel lines. I guess Vallejo´s decal softener isn´t as strong as Microsol, which is scarce in Buenos Aires.

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  1. Great looking Pony Plane, Francisco! I really like it and yours is a great replica.

    Buenos Aires? I lived in Rio for about 6 weeks, then Vicosa for about 10 months. Sadly, I never got to Buenos Aires. That was a lifetime ago in 1958-1959. I was 7 at the time: I really wish I could remember more about that time than I do.

    But your Mustang is tops. @Sturmovik

  2. Very nice! Mustangs look so good in British livery.

  3. Good lookin' little build...I like it.

  4. Nice. All aircraft look better with roundels

  5. Beautiful Stang! Love the camo and markings. Great job. Tamiya makes some nice simple but good looking kits. Cant go wrong!

  6. Thoroughbred pony, Francisco.


  7. Great looking Mustang!

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