1/35, Soviet Armored Aerosan NKL-26

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The series of armed snow mobiles is not to be laughed off. In the harsh Russian winters of WWII, the Army needed mobile support even in tough snowy conditions. Earlier Aerosan versions had automotive engines and open cockpits. But the NKL-26 added an enclosed plywood shell for crew "comfort," and a radial aircraft engine. For us Floridians, it looks like an airboat on ice.

's kit is a real gem. The skis are models in themselves, with no less than 19 parts each including the provided PE. The interior is sparse and I added simulated plywood and a few internal braces. The gunner provided in the kit does not fit, despite its nice molding. Oddly there is no driver/pilot.

I spent about twelve hours in construction (mostly on the skis), and painted it in winter white with a burnt unmer wash. The "snow" is merely Borax sprinled over water applied with a wide brush.

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  1. Never seen one of those...at first glance, I thought it was a "what-if" or maybe a Star Wars thingie. All the stuff I watch on the Military Channel, History Channel, etc., etc. and never saw one before. Comes under the heading of "..Ya Learn Sumthin' New Every Day...".

  2. I had never heard of it until the kit came out. Then I started seeing reference to it in reports around Leningrad, Russian winter offensives, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the Finns who inspired it, when they kicked the Russian backside in 1940.

  3. beautiful...really needs to be set on a snow diorama

  4. Michael,
    Excellent job on an interesting vehicle.

  5. Very cool I read about these in a book a section on the Russia invading a finland logging community the Russians had found one of these at the logging camp I lent the book to a friend and cant remember the title I will find out and post it later beautiful work Joe

  6. sorry Michael not Joe

  7. that's okay. I could only hope to someday be the modeler Joe is!

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