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1/48 Tamiya P47D Razorback "Damon's Demon"

August 17, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1.8K

Hi Everyone

I have wanted this decal for long time, it was released as part of an IPMS special in the 90's. Never managed to get one, Barracudacals to the rescue with their 362nd FG sheet "Mogins Maulers". Ultracast Seat & Wheels. Lots of fun painting the invasion stripes...


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  1. Another fine build, Darren - this one is also depicted on my color print. The invasion stripes can be a bear sometimes..(especially around the fuselage).

    • Just noticed the tail code is different (the one I show is 275465) - could it be that there were more than one aircraft that carried that fuselage code? Perhaps due to a crash or something?

  2. really beautiful

  3. Darren, if you ever want to post a work I progress I guarantee you'd have a lot of followers.

    I'd love to see how you get that finish on you builds. It's hard to capture in words, but there's a 'presence' to your T-Birds that just seems to make them more 'real' - I don't really know if I'm making sense - but it's to do with your finish; nice and flat, details 'pop', and they just look great. Louise got the same effect recently with his P40's - not sure I have the vocabulary for what I'm trying to say; there's just a quality there that most builds lack. Ah, someone help me - what am I trying to say?

    Anyway, keep 'em coming - and please think about a WIP?

  4. Hi David
    Thanks for the compliments. I will do a WIP on the next P-47 project that I do.
    Currently have the 1/48 Airfix P-51 and then their P-40 to finish as next in line.
    I generally have at least one P-47 in the works...

  5. Thanks, Darren. Can I ask, why P47's? I'm just interested as to the reasons why you feel drawn to Jugs; I know they are fabulous aircraft, but so are many others. Just wondered if you could put your finger on the allure of T-Bolts?

    • The P-47 carried such great noseart and range of markings. Plus Tamiya make the best kit available! I like most WW2 aircraft though always compelled to build more P-47's, much ribbing from my fellow club members. I do build others aircraft from time to time and like 1/48 armour as well. I have plenty more P-47's that I have not posted as yet, I am hopeless at taking photos, rather be building models then taking pics!

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