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1/48 Monogram P-40

September 2, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1.7K

Back to basics. Straight out-of-box. I think this one has been around as long as the "Flying Tigers" themselves ! When I finally got around to building it, I discovered it wasn't a bad kit at all, for it's day. They're still re-issuing it, so new modelers will have the same, affordable fun, with the same results, and that can't be all bad.

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  1. Yet again Joe, another great build.
    Straight OOB as well.

  2. Ah Joe, Remember when I purposely built one with scads of errors to give the club practice at judging> Yours is not like that . . .

  3. Yeah, the Monogram P-40B/C has been around for quite a long time, but I would hardly consider it long in the tooth. It is an absolutely brilliant kit and I prefer it over the Hobbycraft or Trumpeter offerings of the same type. For the money, the Monogram kit gives a modeler the most bang for the buck. With a little time and detailing, the Monogram P-40 can be turned into a gem. Another nice build Joe, keep 'em coming.

  4. Joe,
    I agree with all of the other guys comments. This still a pretty good kit. I have all of the one's that Seamus mentioned and I still can't help but go back to the Monogram. Granted it needs much TLC but for the money it is the best. Yours proves that.

  5. Actually Frank, the Monogram P-40 does not need as much TLC as you think. Firstly, it is pretty "Dead On" as far as shape and scale is concerned and when compared to the Hobbycrap kit, it is the Hobbycraft P-40 that needs a lot of TLC. The Hobbycraft P-40 is way out of wack in shape and its wings are not set correctly. If anything, the Monogram P-40 could use a nice scribing job, but this is not really necessary to achieve a nice build. The Monogram cockpit could use a bit more detailing, but what cockpit doesn't? The windscreen has framing that should not really be there, but that can be taken care of with a sanding stick and a Future dip. The wheel wells need a bit of boxing in, but that is not too difficult. About the only real inaccuracy I can see with the Monogram kit is that on the box it is referred to as the "P-40 Tiger Shark". I have never heard nor read of the P-40 being designated as a "Tiger Shark". As I remember, the Monogram kit came with a bunch of extra parts and the option to lower the flaps. Once again, the Monogram kit gives the modeler the most bang for the buck. Agree or disagree?

  6. Good looking model, Joe!

    Agreed, Seamus! Those old Monogram kits may not be the most up to date or detailed kits in the world, but they are affordable, they look good and everything you need to make a nice model usually comes in the box. I built a bunch of these, but never the Flying Tiger version!

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