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1/72 Monogram HU-16 Albatross

September 27, 2013 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.6K

For a couple of years I have been building models of Aircraft from my home town of Miami,Fla. and this is one of my favorites . The USCG which were based at Dinner Key then at Opa Locka airport. I used the old kit sanding off all the rivets and fixing all the fit problems. I used the old USCG decals from Super Scale and rub off lettering for the Miami The wing walk were from my scrap pile. It was sprayed with White then masked off and spraying the Orange. The antenna wires were made with Invisible thread. This makes about my 20th Albatross done as I used to build a few of them for the folks at Chalks Airlines.

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  1. Take from an old "Coastie", that sure is beautiful. Nice work Mark.

  2. Very nice, you must have a deal on sandpaper and arms like Popeye after 20 times sanding all those rivets

  3. Good-lookin' paint job, Mark...and I can see the "invisible" thread - 🙂

  4. After building twenty of these you've obviously found all the problems and know how to solve them. It looks beautiful, the paint job is great.

  5. Excellent, I keep thinking I should pick up one of these kits, but wonder if it is worth the effort, you have proven beyond a doubt a masterpiece can be built from one! Very nice, of course it would have been better if it had been NAVY! 🙂

  6. I LOVE IT ! The only way it could be any better is if it were 1/48, said "Hemishphere Dancer" on the nose,"Margaritaville" on the tail, and was sitting on MY shelf ! Beautiful job, Mark !

  7. i must admit,coastie and artic markings do make a kit stand out

  8. Nice Job, it's a chore to mask and keep the paint panels from "bleeding" into the others. Your paint lines are crisp and the build is really clean. Like you, the Albatross is a favorite of mine, I've built about a dozen of these over the years, usually USCG but the USN had a nice 4 color paint scheme and of couse the USAF version is a classic. At the CG Air Station where I was posted we had the last operational military HU-16 as a memorial at the entrance. I saw it fly on its last sortie, it was the end of an era. Great build!

  9. As usual, a Mark Fidler classic built for museum presentation.

    Have you ever displayed all your Miami aircraft together? It would be quite impressive!

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