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AMT A-20 for a Guest of the Club

As part of being a club member from IPMS Ocala is getting to meet some very interesting people. This person is F.L(Tony) Svore who was an A-20 Pilot with The Roaring 20's 312th Bomb Group 386th Bomb squadron in the Pacific. I first met him [...]

Happy Turkey Day Better known as the TBM-TBF

This is my Turkey Day special. The Accurate Miniature 1/48 scale TBM/TBF Avenger. Built straight from the box this kit goes together very well. The decals were scrounged up to make it one of the Flight 19 birds which were stationed at NAS [...]

Coast Guard R5D in 1/144 Scale Minicraft Kit

This is my 1/144 Minicraft R5D which was used by the Coast Guard from 1945 through 1962. This was built straight from the box. It went together very nicely with very little fit problems. The model was painted with Model Master Enamels and [...]

The Hindenburg

Here is something different. It's the Revell 1/720 Hindenburg very easy to put together. It was painted with floquil old silver then decaled and the windows were painted on. This was the cruise ship of the sky for crossing the Atlantic in [...]

1/72 Monogram HU-16 Albatross

For a couple of years I have been building models of Aircraft from my home town of Miami,Fla. and this is one of my favorites . The USCG Albatross which were based at Dinner Key then at Opa Locka airport. I used the old Monogram kit [...]

Time for some Sci-Fi When Worlds Collide

This is the Pegasus kit of the Space ship from the movie When Worlds Collide. It was a great 50's movie. The kit goes together very nicely and comes with the base and launch ramp there is a photo etch set you can get with it which includes [...]

1/48 Premiere Hawk T Mk 1A Made into A T-45 Goshawk

This is the latest kit I have finished. It is a Premeire Ti Hawk which was converted into the T-45 Goshawk retro scheme. To begin with this is a very poor kit the fuselage was breaking apart as I tried to put it together. Some of the mods [...]

Higgins PT Boat 1/72 Scratch Built

This is a 78 ft. Higgins class PT boat used in the Mediterranean theater.I was able to locate a set of drawings showing how the boat was configured. I used an old Revell PT-109 hull cutting it down to 78 ft. and then put a new transom on [...]

1/144 Minicraft conversion B-50

This is a B-50 created from a Minicraft B-29a and a Minicraft C-97. Both are in 1/144 scale. I started by cutting the Vertical tail off both kits. I then cut out the gunners cabin from the B-29 and placed it in the C-97's vertical fin. [...]