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Monogram Superkits

September 2, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.1K

In the mid to late Fifties, came out with a series of balsa wood and plastic airplanes called "Superkits". There were six total, P-51, F-84, P-40, Mig15, F-86, and the F4U. They were all in 1/72 scale. It was sort of the predecessor of the all plastic model kit. During the same period of time they also issued a series of bombers in the same wood/plastic format. These were the B-24, B-17, B-26 Invader, and the B-25. I have/had a number of these in my collection and a few years ago I decided to build a few for old time sake. I had built all of them years ago but they went the way of models in those days. These kits are all collectors items now. Particularly the bombers which are very rare in good condition and they have a high value.

All of these were built OOB and what you see is basically what you got. I did nothing to them except put them together the way they came. I did however paint the F-86 as an FJ Fury but for all intents it is still a Sabre. They were fun to do and I used some of the old knowledge I had from years ago to fill up the balsa wood. I still have a few of the kits left but they will remain unbuilt.

I dug up the old photos and just thought I would share them. BTW, a fellow made me an offer I couldn't refuse so they are his now and I am left with the photos.

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  1. I remember those kits and doing them as a kid. for what was available in those days back in the early Cretaceous, they aren't half bad.

  2. outstanding! Gee Tom I hadn't realized that you knew Orville.

  3. my dad used to say stick and tissue was real modeling and plastic was for sissys...i tried the hellcat p-51d stearman and corsair mostly for the box art...then proudly crawled back to my monogram avenger..

  4. My hat's off to you, Frank (and Tom). If I would have had to start with those, that's where it would have ended ! Had to be a little before my time.

  5. We've had a bit of trouble with all the pics in this article, but now hopefully they're all in place. Frank, I'm also impressed that you built these models, and apparently to a higher standard than one provided in the boxes... interesting.
    The standard over the years have increased beyond all imagination, but I wonder if the average building time has been so much shorter...

    • Martin,
      Thank you very much for your help in establishing this article. I appreciate it and compliment you for all you are doing to make this a very successful and enjoyable site for modelers to share their talents. I have no doubts that my compliment is shared by all.

  6. Those are pretty neat, Frank. I've read about those but have never seen one. Those came out a little before I crawled out of my cave...

  7. "Featuring FOURTEEN plastic parts!"

    Cracks me up, Frank! @frank-cronin

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