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1/48 Blackburn Roc

March 26, 2019 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.9K

This is the kit and it shares quite a few parts with their earlier Skua kit. One problem this leads to is the Skua had two fuel tanks behind the pilot, the one. SH give you the same parts for the Roc as in the Skua kit. I used the two halves of the larger fuel tank to represent the one tank set up in the Roc. Detail such as the anti-spin parachute deployment and release levers were added to the starboard side of the cockpit. They can be seen in photo #5. The cables leading to the parachute in the tail cone ran outside the starboard fuselage so the water tight compartments in the rear fuselage were not compromised. On this model the cables were made of stretched sprue. Engineering of the wing parts is problematic and require a lot of test fitting and putty work to obtain a satisfactory result. The photo etched bomb racks are a tedious bending exercise but look good when completed. The propeller which is correct for the Skua isn't for the Roc as it is too small. I found a suitable replacement in my spare parts box. Master gun barrels replaced the kit parts and are a huge improvement. This model represents a Roc operating with 759 NAS, Eastleigh, 1940.

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  1. now that is one you don't see very often (at least I haven't)! Very nice build. I imagine if it is like most other SH kits, then it is a bit challenging. Doesn't look that way from your build, but I bet it was a handful to work with. Excellent work, really like it!

  2. Great choice Dale really unusual aircraft, great build!

  3. A rare bird very nicely done, Dale. I’ll tell you what, though, she ain’t a looker.


    • David, you're right this aircraft never could win a beauty contest. The real question to me is how could a plane that couldn't exceed 200 MPH in level flight hope to be a fighter?

  4. This is another rare plane that you never see built. I commend you for tackling this one, and it looks fantastic . It definitely looks the part ... Does the landing light actually work ?

    Speaking of parts, the original plane looks as if the designers took the engine from a Beaufighter, and vertical fin from a Macchi MC-200, the turret and cockpit from a BP Defiant, the horizontal stabilizer from a Vought OS2U Kingfisher and joined everything together with a "stretched" set of wings from a P-40, toss in the landing gear from a Hurricane, mixed in with a bottle of Jameson or Johnny Walker... 🙂


  5. Special Hobby Blackburn Roc is the only kit I remember voluntarily storing it back to the box after having the cockpit plus MG turret and the fuselage with engine all completed and assembled. All because of the Grand Canyon gaps that existed were the lower wing part joined the fuselage and the upper wing parts. This was a few years ago and it was a major disappointment to me, because up until then the kit was buildable and sometimes even excitingly so.

    All this to say that the fact that you present one so admirably built here is the best proof that you are a tough, resilient modeler Dale. Great work with this cursed kit

    • Thanks Pedro. To overcome the wing problems I tabbed the outer and inner parts of the upper wing and assembled them. I did the same for the lower parts. I then joined the upper and lower together and filled and sanded as needed. The complete wing assembly was then mated to the fuselage. It was a lot of work but in the end it came out OK. I can tell you I won't be doing another any time soon!

  6. Great work, Dale. I like odd ones too.

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    As much of the members who have posted, this is a rare one indeed. None the less, it is one with great lines and a joy to see. Just looking at it, screams out RARE, the turret reminds one of the Defiant. The painting and weathering are all nicely done, a keeper for sure Dale.

  8. Very nicely done. It... rocs.. lol..
    A tough kit. I did the Skua which would look nice together with your Roc. Well done.

  9. Wow - that's a beauty Dale! Love the weathering and paint work and the details. I was just reading about the Roc from a pilot who flew it, and realized I don't have a Roc in my stash (though I have a Skua), and was thinking I need to add one. If I do, I'll use yours for reference!

  10. Given the true dreadfulness of this kit (which I experienced firsthand), your achievement here is really terrific. A triumph of talent and perseverance over a boxfull of scrap plastic.

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