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Academy 1/35 M-36 Jackson tank destroyer

October 3, 2013 · in Armor · · 27 · 3.6K

this was built for a friend whose father served with of those West Pointers that was commissioned early because he was needed...he ended up career army...he had passed before i had seen a photo of him standing beside his M-36 so i decided to take this on and surprise the family...they were quite elated and wrote me a super thank you card...they pass it around among the siblings for a month or so at a time then it changes least that's the plan...very gratifying to say the least...the interior came with it but the engine was a Verlinden resin upgrade...the national insignias were often painted out because it made too nice a target...on and off

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  1. Fine piece of armor here Bob. Glad to see the appearance is not overstated like so many.
    Happy that the family uses this to keep their father's memory & sacrifice alive.
    Did you make the case?

  2. Very nicely done, Bob, like Al says, not overstated, but well detailed and finished. I wonder if the various members will see all that detail?

  3. That's a really nice Jackson. 90mm power! VG interior too.

  4. Great Job on the interior, like the chipping. All around real nice!
    Have just one question, to me it looks like the 50. is in the cradle backwards?
    Might be just my old eyes though

  5. Very nice work, Bob...very nice. (absolutely love that display case). And Steven is right - tell the family to stop playing with that .50 cal - 🙁

  6. I don't want to be a party pooper, but your model looks amazingly like the M-18 Hellcat by Academy. Yours looks a whole lot nicer than mine, but it sure looks like it. Tamiya produces an old kit of the Jackson, which has a much heavier turret rear-overhang and a decidedly chunkier appearance.

    I would be glad to be wrong, but I suggest you check it out to be sure.

    Nonetheless, I admire your build and the weathering in particular -- dirty but not overdone done.

  7. Looks great, Bob. I wish I had that kind of patience. To get the right look must take quite a while. Beautiful !


    Of course this is the Jackson. Just look at that huge turret overhang and the honkin' big gun! Who would think it anything but an Academy M-36 Jackson? Anyone with half a brain could see . . . .

    oh there's my problem . . .

    Anyway, great build which far exceeds my M-18 Hellcat also by Academy!

  9. Fabulous! I hardly ever see this kit in a built state. Weathering is very subtle and realistic, not the usual over the top BS with modulation techniques & filtering which makes a model look more like an illustration than an actual tank. Yeah, the .50 cal is mounted backwards, maybe the crew was in a rush to shoot at something, gives your build some character nonetheless.

    • thank you Seamus...all ways good to hear from you...i agree although some of the modern techniques are fabulous art they just don't capture the spirit correctly...and the gun was repaired..

  10. Begorrah, why did you repair the .50 cal? Like I said, the way you had it originally gave your build some extra character. To each his own I suppose.

  11. Damn nice model Bob! Something to be proud of for sure.

  12. Bob,
    Very nice. Patton would have loved it. Great job.

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