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Going to challenge my modeling skills....and try a diorama of this picture......

October 29, 2013 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1.6K

Its been a long time since I've been on this site...had alot going on and have not been doing any building...fixing to start a new project though..I'm use to just building out of the box or using a few resin bits and aftermarket decals. but now I'm going to try a ...and I have chosen this picture to try and model...I have not decided if I'm going to do or scale...I normally only do 1/48 unless its large aircraft...I think this would be an interesting subject...I did some research and this occured on August 30 1970 at Cedar Rapids Iowa Airport. The pilot, Lt. Ernie Christensen safely ejected and then the went airborn again for about a mile and crashed in a corn field. He belly landed it with one engine stuck in full afterburner. Later he admitted that it was pilot error...

so anyway...gonna see what I can do...The fire will be the biggest challenge...I'm thinking painting cotton wadding...any suggestions greatly appriciated...

also, does anyone know if a company makes resin front slats for the F-4J? Cuz I need to drop them it looks like...

Happy Modeling...


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  1. A couple months ago, there was a diorama done over on Hyperscale of an A-4 (I think) dropping some napalm over a jungle setting. The builder posted several WIP's and explained in depth how he achieved the smoke/fire effect. If you did a search, you could most likely glean some perspective on how to proceed. Lookin' forward to seein' whatcha come up with for yours.

  2. Chris,
    Forget the flaps, I want to see the flames.

  3. That looks like an interesting project to take on, Chris. I suppose that in 1/72 you would have the space to extend the ground part of the diorama to show more of the length of the flames trailing behind. Give a better picture of the size and danger of the landing. I have no advice to offer on the flames however. Look forward to the WIP pictures.

  4. Looks like a challenging project. The first thing that came to mind for flames was yellow, red and orange colored transparent cellophane. Maybe you could add a small LED in the base or on the airplane to backlight the flames. My wife did some Halloween craft with flames and that's what she used. Just a thought...

  5. As you start, keep in mind that the Blue Angel F-4J's had F-4B engines and exhausts.

  6. Cris, I know the plane captian of this aircraft, he was with them during that air show, his name is Larry Edge, and he came to work at the Nevada Air Guard after he left the Navy, we had just converted from the RF-101 to the RF-4C, he retired after I did, I think in 2003 and passed away in 2011. And another thing The F-4J had the same engine and exhaust as the F-4E. Both had more power.
    Steve C.

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