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Revell 1/25 #4 JPS Mustang

October 12, 2013 · in Automotive · · 9 · 2.9K

The John Player Special (JPS) paint scheme has been around for a long time. I always found it attractive, but what I didn't know was that it came in black/yellow, as well as black/gold. At the time of the Youtube video, this was one of Jack Rousch's toys. While it wasn't difficult to find reference on this, I'm not a car modeler, so it's not all wired up, etc. I just build cars that catch my eye, or trigger a memory.

did a nice job on this kit (1991), except for the fit of the hood to the body, then again, I didn't try very hard, as I wanted to leave it off. I'm sure the kit would make a good base for a super-detailer because it seems that all the basics are there. I'm sure it's OOP, but can still be found at contest vendors.

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  1. those decals must have been a nightmare to put on. I think it really a cool looking ride.

  2. Joe, Joe, Joe . . .

    Tell me you haven't gone over to the Dark Side?!?!*#!?

  3. Nice job, though. Does it run on your slot car track?

  4. It's cool, Joe, like all your models. I remember there were lots of JPS liveried cars (and other vehicles) around at the time, some good, and some not so good! Yours is definitely one of the good ones.

  5. Joe,
    Nice looking ride. I like it.

  6. Thanks guys, and Mike, the next set of JPS decals will go on a P-51 Mustang ! OK ?

  7. Great looking 'stang Joe. Don't remember this kit & I'm sorrybI missed it. Colorful liveries always appeal to me no matter what they are on.
    I always thought the "Dark Side" was referring to the people who built ground targets but who knows.
    Ya gotta get out of your comfort zone now then to keep the juices flowing. I know I do.
    Once again, good work.

  8. Sweet build, Joe, all those decals are so nice and straight and there's a TON of them!. Looks just like my old 1965 black Mustang back in high school...except mine was a convertible...with chrome bumpers...and a small block engine...and white sidewalls... did I mention it had a Mustang emblem on the trunk lid? Gee, yours does look a little different, I guess squinting my eyes is no good, got to go and find my reading glasses...

  9. very nice joe...i've got an earnhardt i want to tackle

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