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Scratchbuilt “Bosphorus Steamer Ferry”: 1/100 S/S KANLICA

October 12, 2013 · in Ships · · 10 · 3.2K

This time a different thing from the long past. This is scratchbuilt model of S/S Kanlıca which was one of the nine sisters passenger steamers served in Istanbul Bosphorus in different lines including Prince ‘s islands since 1961.
All nine of the Bosphorus passenger steamers was built at Fairfield's Govan shipyard (Clydeside) and were fitted with engines supplied by Christiansen & Meyer of Hamburg ( Steam compound exp 2 x C4cy 15kn 2sc). It s possible to describe these ships as last fuel oil steamers
These nine passenger steamers delivered to Turkey in 1961. By 2003 only four of the steamers remained in service: Inkilap, Kanlica, Ihsan Kalmaz and Turan Emeksiz. Unfortunately All of the ships had been taken out of service by 2005.
This model is one of my first builts from my inexperienced modeling years. I have started to built in the end of 1990 and the model terminated in the beginning of 1993. (Due to long built period I decided to built aircraft models )
Before starting I have tried to get the original general arrangement plans of the ship. After several months I have got them. The model was scratchbuilt except for the life preservers and timberheats which were ordered to a model shop in Istanbul. These were molded from lead material.
Frame of the body was built from wood and cardboard by using the body plan. And later the frame covered by thin laths (lime tree). Bow and stern area was built from cardboard due to its shape. After long sanding/puttying/sanding/puttying and again sanding period the body was ready to paint. It s painted by brush. Those years I have no airbrush and no todays skill 
First deck, second deck, bridge deck and also the funnel were built from cardboard.
Model finished with early years service outlook. You can see the reference picture of KANLICA from 90's. And here is a link for KANLICA:

built by Fairfield Govan,
Yard No 803
Engines by Christainsen & Meyer/Fairfields

Port of Registry: Istanbul
Propulsion: Steam compound exp 2 x C4cy 15kn 2sc
Launched: Wednesday, 21/12/1960
Built: 1961
Ship Type: Passenger ferry
Tonnage: 781 grt
Length: 229 feet 3
Breadth: 44 feet 6
Draught: 8 feet 8
Owner History:
Denizcilik Banlasi Tao (Istanbul Bosphorus Ferries)
19xx TDI Sehir Hatlari Isletmesi , Istanbul
Status: Destroyed by Fire - 2008

Withdrawn from service 2003
Sent to the Municipality of Bandirma for use as a restaurant. Destroyed by fire whilst under reconstruction in 2008
Happy Modelling

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10 responses

  1. I love a good ship model, and this one is absolutely fabulous!

    Great job.

  2. Like Mike said ! Just gorgeous !

  3. Scratch building a ship model is a lost art, there is so much more to it than building a kit model. The research and planning, the selection of building material, the different stages of assembly, the many ancillary fittings and parts. You have achieved the impossible and overcome all the obstacles associated with scratch building. This is a fine example of the ship modeler's art, well photographed, my congratulations to you! I hope you'll post more examples of your excellent craftmanship in the field of maritime models.

  4. Simply spectacular, sir...a true work of art.

  5. Tolga,
    What a beautiful job you did to bring this Ferry to life. I have the utmost respect and admiration for true boat builders. We are seeing some examples of Master scratch builders.

  6. It's a beautiful ship model, Tolga, you must very proud of it. It's so different from building a model from a kit, so much more work (and thinking) has to go into it.

  7. From your "inexperienced years," eh? We all know what you have done with your "experienced years." 🙂

    As everyone else has noted, a scratchbuilt ship is an art of its own, and you definitely appear to have mastered it.

  8. pretty amazing effort

  9. Great traditional ship modeling!
    Thanks for posting.
    Maybe I traveled on one of those ships when I was in Istanbul with my parents in 1967.

    • Thanks Ulf
      Oh what a surprise.., 50s and 60s are the best times of Istanbul
      I am posting some pictures from this period.

      3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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