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modeling in 1:100 scale

The Gate Keeper

Bandai 1/100 Banshee Unicorn Ver Ka Cloth was sculpted out of epoxy clay, used something I haven’t before and that is “metal” decal stickers and I’m a big fan! The base was made out of insulation styrofoam with sculptamold, added [...]

“Sky Slayer”

This is a SNAA (no idea what that stands for) kit Blue Flame CH-01 1/100 scale. Of course I went with a different color scheme, added LEDs and scratch built the base. Since we can’t upload video unfortunately you can’t see the [...]

Boeing 747-400

The high capacity wide-body airliner. In service since 1989 is depicted in a 1/100 scale company model usually given to valued customers. A friend had the model in display. The model was shattered after a free fall, and he approached me to [...]

Ki44-IIa and N1K1 KyofuPaper Models From Scissors & Planes.

I am realizing that I like doing even smaller scale paper models. these are 1/100 scale. They do require steady hands and the results can be amazing. Just need to figure out how to stop getting glue marks now and again on the surface when [...]

French Battleship "Jean Bart", Waterline, version 1955, 1/100, full scratch

French Battleship "Jean Bart", Waterline, version 1955, 1/100, full scratch length : 2.50m width : 36cm time taken to complete : #3500h

French Battleship "Richelieu", version 1950/51, 1/100, full scratch

French Battleship "Richelieu", version 1950/51, 1/100, full scratch length : 2.50m width : 36cm height (from keel to top of mast): 61cm time taken to complete : #5000h now on display at the Saint Dizier museum (eastern France)

U.S. M3A1 White Scout Car (1/100)

Zveda's M3 Scout Car (6245) Another 1/100 "quicktime" project. And once again, building the base took much more time than the model itself😄 I really like the White scout car and halftracks because of their shape and [...]

Steyr RSO 03- Raupenschlepper Ost (1:100)

The Steyr RSO (Raupenschlepper Ost) is a full-track tractor that was developed and built for the Wehrmacht during World War II. It was intended to facilitate the supply of the fighting units under the problematic road, ground and weather [...]

Soviet SU-76M Soviet SPG (1/100)

Soviet SU-76M (Zvezda 6239) I´ve planed to fix this project within two days- As a small New Year's challenge 😉 Didn't quite work, the processing of the base took too much time... However, quite a nice kit and for it´s size quite good [...]


So, having had this kit since April, i've finally made a start. HOURS of "Youtube" videos watched, and i finally settled on just 2. (both of whom i class as master-builders) First job was to thicken the gun ports on the lower two [...]