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International Space Station (in Paper)

I am the ghost of Christmas past.... It’s been three or four years since I posted anything here, mainly because I don’t build models anymore. That said, for reasons still unclear to me, I decided to build a 1:100 model of the ISS in paper, act[...]

One of the first passenger jets, one of the last projects in 2020: Sud Aviation Caravelle, the flying beauty of the 60s!

As the poet Heinrich Heine put it so associatively and beautifully, "There is magic in every beginning", and this can also be applied to this aircraft in a broad sense. The Sud Aviation Caravelle marks many a beginning for civil aviation and, I [...]

Airfix Minikit 1:100 A6M2b Zero

This video is dedicated to Jeremy Howison-Haworth, who supplied this kit. This kit is actually made by Doyusha in Japan, and is a pretty cool little pre-painted kit straight out of the box. I thought that I could add a few more details and som[...]

Anna Maria Sophia Sailboat 1/100 – Scratchbuilt

Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last model so I had to get things going. I wanted to try one of the ship paper models for a change, so I pick an easy one, or so I thought... The Anna Maria Sophia (aka Sir Pitschek) is pretty straight[...]

Bandai 1:100,000 Super Star Destroyer

A super thanks to [email protected] for supplying me with this great kit. This was my last kit of 2019, and aside from a small mishap, this was an extremely fun and satisfying kit to build. Please check out Greg's channel for more kits li[...]

Tamiya 1/100 Space Shuttle Review

WIP Bandai 1/100 Graze Custom

Don't usually post work in progress pics but the kit is technically done now working on the diorama. This project had a ton of firsts for me. First time doing a Gundam kit and I can see why so many people love these giant robots, Bandai quality,[...]

Apollo Command Module – Heller 1:100

Hi All! This is an Apollo CM I made from the ancient Heller 1:100 kit if I remember correct five years ago. I made this one as a gift for my girlfriend who is interested in the space age (I bought her the then come out book "Hystory of Space Fl[...]

Paper Models

I cannot resist free paper models. Here are a few dioramas from my micro museum, featuring free, online offerings. The Japanese model is the carrier Akagi's island with deck. The cost of a 1/144 Aichi type 99 "Val" and B5N "Kate" exceed the cost[...]

Tu-154 Of Omskavia, Plasticart, 1/100

Hello, dear friends. It so happened that I got my hands on a set of German firms Reifra. Saying she's revived the line when your favorite GDR-ovsky Plasticart models. Indeed, in the box lay the sprues painfully known. All in the distant 80-e )))[...]