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Soviet SU-76M 1/100

I´ve planed to fix this project within two days- As a small New Year's challenge 😉 Didn't quite work, the processing of the base took too much time... However, quite a nice kit and for it´s size quite good details and cheap to get. In [...]


So, having had this kit since April, i've finally made a start. HOURS of "Youtube" videos watched, and i finally settled on just 2. (both of whom i class as master-builders) First job was to thicken the gun ports on the lower two [...]

1/100 MSM-07 Z'GOK

I finished the Master Grade Zugok in military style colors. Based on the kit of Char's Zugok, I applied weathering with thread carving, edge adjustment, and mono eye changes. Based on the aircraft being an amphibious MS, I finished it with [...]

1/100 MS-09 DOM

I finished the renewed MG Dom. The excellent quality of the original kit has been carried over, and the mobility of each part has been upgraded without changing the quality of the workmanship. This time, I only made a few modifications to [...]

Steyr RSO 03 (1/100)

The Austrian Steyr Daimler Puch AG developed and built the Raupenschlepper Ost (RSO) for the Wehrmacht from 1942. It was intended to facilitate supply under the problematic road and ground conditions in the Soviet Union. There were several [...]

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam

Custom Wing Gundam I built a few years ago. I decided to go with a black/gold color scheme to resemble the Anubis army from The Mummy movie. This was the first build where I utilized micro LEDs. Build photo gallery - (link)

Fear the Reaper: Halloween build

Just in time for Halloween! Bandai 1/100 Wing Zero Ver Ka

International Space Station (in Paper)

I am the ghost of Christmas past... It’s been three or four years since I posted anything here, mainly because I don’t build models anymore. That said, for reasons still unclear to me, I decided to build a 1:100 model of the ISS in [...]

One of the first passenger jets, one of the last projects in 2020: Sud Aviation Caravelle, the flying beauty of the 60s!

As the poet Heinrich Heine put it so associatively and beautifully, "There is magic in every beginning", and this can also be applied to this aircraft in a broad sense. The Sud Aviation Caravelle marks many a beginning for civil [...]

Video: Airfix Minikit 1:100 A6M2b Zero

This video is dedicated to Jeremy Howison-Haworth, who supplied this kit. This kit is actually made by Doyusha in Japan, and is a pretty cool little pre-painted kit straight out of the box. I thought that I could add a few more details [...]