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Tiny Tank--- Type 94 Tankette

October 12, 2013 · in Armor · · 9 · 2.7K

Large numbers of cheap armored vehicles worked fine against lightly armed opponents in the 1930's, in this case against China. These little things were also to pull supply trailers with them, to help with the Long Chinese distances. Later, up against Stuarts and 75mm Halftracks, not so good. Couldn't have been too great in the recon role either, as they were bereft of radio equipment. I guess the crews yelled real loud. Still, I thought it was kinda cute when I built it some years ago. Here it is scouting out my backyard, and a deserted Manila street, in 1941. Fine Mold's kit and modified FM figure.

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  1. Nice little build Bill, Something I've never seen before, I like it.

  2. Tankette is my favourite word now, you always learn something new on imodeller! It's definitely cute, Bill, as you say, built to your usual high standards, and well photographed. Travelling long distances anywhere in it, let along China, must have been tough going.

  3. Bill,
    Very nicely done claustrophobic little beauty. You would not get me into one of those.

  4. Thanks boyz. Yeah it's small, but there is smaller. Stay tuned.

  5. I recall the scene from the "Fighting Sea Bees" when a swabby driving a big Catapillar pushed one of these " war toys" over a cliff. Nice build, different subject, neat paint camo scheme.

  6. Really nice and really strange - a Standard Koppos Combination. Very cool.

  7. that's neat...more of an armoured car for crowd suppression i'd say

  8. Hello Bill. I am a newcomer and just saw this browsing through the headlines. Very nice. I do some armour and picked up a second hand Tamiya Type 97 Chi Ha. Bigger tank but still not much use against U.S. armour. I like the tropical camo that was used and I especially like the figure included since it really gives an idea of the small size of it.

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