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1952 Hudson Hornet

November 1, 2013 · in Automotive · · 18 · 2.4K

This is Moebius Models' 1952 Hudson Hornet.

I never built a car kit before, and may never again, but there was something about this subject I found appealing. I detailed-up the engine - plug leads and other cabling/wiring. You can just make out the wiper pulley cable (aircraft rigging line).

The colours are auto lacquers, and the upholstery has simply been 'flatted' to get that leather look. Chrome is combination bare metal foil and Alclad Chrome.

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  1. Wow! you have done that classic real justice.

  2. Beautiful work! Not being.a car guy myself I must ask, What are the twin red cylinders under the hood? Nitrous oxide maybe?

  3. You've made a beautiful model of this, Rob, a real classic, I can why you were attracted to this car in particular. The interior looks great, and the under bonnet detailing has really lifted it. You must have got hold of some pictures of the real thing to do this. Hope you do some more!

  4. You picked the same color scheme I was going to do on mine but as too many of my starts have it has stalled out but has not found it's way to the "Shelf of Doom" yet.
    Yours looks great!

  5. "Moebius"...? Never heard of it. What scale...? Regardless, that's an outstanding 'first car model' - great job, sir...(those are some heavy-duty hood hinges, ain't they?).

    • Hi Craig,

      It's 1/25. I had to double-check and when I just looked on Amazon to do so I see it's offered at $23 (24% discount). I imported my kit to England for about the same price I think.

      Moebius is based in Florida and has been known primarily for their SciFi and Fantasy Figures. They have a few cars in their range now - a Chrysler 300, and maybe a couple more Hornets.

      I don't know a lot about car modelling, but as a kit it built without any issues and had a lot of detail OOB.

  6. The term "lead-sled" comes to mind. Nice build, Rob, very clean. I have a collection of the die cast 1:18 scale cars and my 12 year old grandson was fascinated by the Hudson. This was a time period when America built "sweet rides", all classics...

  7. Rob,
    Great job on a very different looking but great car. These were actually great cars in their day. Very comfortable and smooth riding. Very fast after you got them up to speed. My HS friend had one and I drove it a number of times. Hudson's were souped and used a lot on dirt tracks as they were fast and built like tanks. You had to Love this beast and I love your model.

  8. That looks wonderful, Rob. I especially like the look of the interior. Could you describe the "flatting" that used to gain the effect on the leather interior. It looks great in the photo but I am not sure what "flatting" is.

    • Hi Alan,

      'Flatting' is simply bringing down varnish sheen to a less-reflective level. I think I used Vallejo matte (acrylic) varnish, but there are several similar modelling products that will work.

  9. Nice work Rob. Looks like the real deal !

  10. Rob,
    Nice build indeed. I've got One of the racing versions of this kit, just might have to break it out and build it now!
    : )

  11. awesome build

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