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The 1/48 TA 152 H0 “green 4″ from Dragon

November 16, 2013 · in Aviation · · 8 · 3.1K

This is my interpretation of the TA-152 H0 wnr 150010. The famous "Green 4".
I build this kit from the box apart from the exhaust "Quickboost" pipes.
I helped among other book "the Focke Wulfe " Thomas H. Hitchcock.
After a long discussion about the triangle painted on the hatch right behind the engine cover visible on 150010 and 150007, i decided to do it in red with a "C3" in for the following thoses reasons:

  • Why is this triangle?
    Indicating the use of a particular material.

    • Why on these two planes (only TA 152 H I picture with the triangle)?
      Because these two at least, use the same particular material that others plane do not use.

    • Why it would be for oil?
      Because the oil tank is situated behind this door. Yes, but the example of other aircraft such as the Do 335, an acronym triangle usually located under the cockpit changes position without a precise match hatch seems.

    • There is an indication of the fuel used on these two planes?
      The only pictures I have in my possession does not identify the symbols indicating the fuel used on these two planes made by the existence of another triangle on 150007 between two cover plates right in front of the cockpit .

    • What fuel is usually used on the TA 152H?
      In general, it was decided to use fuel type B4 (87 octane) to avoid the risk of shortages of fuel 100 octane. The TA 152 H is equipped with the JUMO 213 E1 running on B4. This powerplant develops about 1730 horses if I'm not mistaken which it is possible to add an "overboost" as say "Ford" about 270 horses with an injection of MW50 (methanol water) or GM1.

    • What engine was originally planned on the TA 152 H0?
      It was originally planned to power the TA 152 H0 with Jumo 213 E.

    • What is the difference between the Jumo 213 E and E1?
      The Jumo 213 E works with gasoline octane 100 while E1 is the 87. The Jumo 213 E develops for its 2000 horsepower without additional injection.

    • Then there was there a MW50 injection or GM1 permanently system on the aircraft can be equipped with the Jumo 213 E?
      The injection systems (internal tank, I'm not talking about releasable tank used on the 0003, for example) have fitted the TA 152 H0 after 150011.

So, here is my theory :
TA 152 H0 nmr 150010 150007 feature as a dotted red triangle indicating the index of the fuel used on those aircraft is C3. This is so that the mechanics can avoid confusion with other TA 152 H1 among others available separately using B4 represented by small yellow triangles.

I hope I have been detailed in my relatively small research.

The kit is paint with Aeromaster, Testor's Model Master and Humbrol Enamel.

The figures are from ICM with heads for the two mechanics.

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8 responses

  1. Welcome onboard at iModeler. That's a very nice rendition the "H". From a purely aesthetical point of view, I like the combination of wavy leading edge and distinct fuselage mottling - these lements very much bring the model alive. Was the mottling applied freehand?.

  2. Hello and thank you for this welcome.
    Yes, the painting was done freehand with a Testors airbrush dual action.

    Best regards, Eric from France

  3. Nice work indeed...wish I could paint figures as well.

  4. Thank you again Craig

    Best regards, Eric from France

  5. That's one of the nicest models made from that kit I have ever seen. Your work demonstrates real talent.

  6. Thank you very much Tom, it is really friendly.

    Best regards, Eric from France

  7. Eric, it's a real masterpiece, everythings just fits together so well. Really well researched and finished.

  8. Merci beaucoup Georges...

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