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Dragon Ta 152H-1

Subject : Ta 152H-1, “Green 3” of JG301 Assembly: I started this model (and about 10 others) about 2 years ago and finally got it finished. Finding time to build the past 2 years has been difficult to come by and thankfully my bench time recent[...]

Ta 152H (FROG/Revell 1/72)

So, that's it – an old FROG kit back from 1970, repacked by Revell nowadays. I've bought it mostly for practicing in applying "mottling" camo, and to try new Vallejo water-based washes (catalog numbers starts from 76***). After the box is open,[...]

Focke Wulf Ta-152 C-0 V7 werk no. 110007

Here's another one of my favorite models. It's the Focke-Wulf Ta-152. The kit is manufactured by Hobby Boss and is in 1/48 scale. It is finished using Model Master enamels. This is an amazing kit and it went together without a problem. I use[...]

1/24 Scale TA 152 H

This is a converted 1/24 Scale Trumpeter FW 190 D9 to a 1/24 Scale TA 152 H. Man this was a lot of work, and sleepless nights. I first obtained scale drawings of the TA 152 in 1/32 Scale and scaled them up to 1/24 Scale, I matched the fuselag[...]

1/32 Zoukei Mura Ta152 H-1

1/32 Zoukei Mura Ta152 H-1

Ta-152 C-1 1/48 HobbyBoss 81702

This baby is ready for take-off just before the new year. Took me around 2 weeks, has it's warts and all but nothing dramatic - all in all a great kit; highly recommended. I wish everyone a happy 2015 and more scale modeling, enjoy.

HobbyBoss 1/48 Ta 152 C-1

The C-1 was the low to medium altitude version of the Ta 152 and in all probability, according to the available references never got to full flying prototype stage. This project is a bit of a "what-if" and has been finished as if it made it t[...]

1/48 Italeri Ta-152H-1

Here is my 1/48 Italeri (ex Trimaster, ex Dragon, ex DML) TA-152H-1. I have always enjoyed the look of the extended wings of the TA-152. In researching for the build, I found that some of the Italeri boxings actually came with engine parts sprue[...]

Hobby Boss 1/48 Ta-152C-11

This is a German mid altitude interceptor that was brought in at the end of the war but to late to be effective. Hobby Boss' kit is a very nice rendition of this big plane. The kit has positional flaps, ailerons, and rudder. This is a very nice [...]

iModeler Review: Zoukei-Mura 1/48 Focke-Wulf Ta-152H-1

Scale Size: 1/48 model Included: 2 color molded parts, clear and gray Total Parts: 135 parts Produced: by: Zoukei-Mura, Inc. Five years ago, Zoukei-Mura released their 1/32 Focke-Wulf Ta-152H-1. It received some degree of critical acclaim[...]
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