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Wingnut Wings 1/32 Gotha G.IV

November 14, 2013 · in Aviation · · 21 · 7K

Here are some images of my G.IV. Despite its size (almost 30 inch wing span) and complexity, this kit goes together amazingly well. It has to be the best engineered model I've built. It is built mostly out of the box; the only additions were some extra details (plug wires, spark plugs, tubing) for the two engines and the rigging. The markings represent one of the aircraft that flew in history's first ever strategic bombing raid.

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  1. Although not my personal thing , I have got to say that looks very well built.
    I saw another one of these recently and both are outstanding.
    Anyone who have the patience to rig a WW1 plane has my vote.

  2. Simon said, I also stay away from anything with two wings, struts and rigging wires, but THIS...this is an absolute beauty. Now whaddya gonna DO with it..? Stellar workmanship, sir! It looks as though you just might be building that new Tamiya Corsair next month! 🙂

  3. Beautiful work! Welcome onboard...

  4. Pretty Cool...outstanding job on a nifty aircraft.

  5. Jim,
    WOW! I think I am at a loss for words. This is absolutely beautiful.

  6. Great job, Jim. The details you added really add to the engines. I really like WWI planes but haven't tried one until my skills improve. The rigging is well done and realistic. I have read how to do it, but need to build up the confidence to try it out. I have read good reviews on Wingnut Wings and I appreciate your review after your build. The size itself is impressive - 30 inch wingspan!

  7. I am a great admirer of those talented & patient enough to build WWI aircraft. I particularly like your work with the props.
    Well done.

  8. Stunning work, anyone that can rig a biplane is tops in my book. How did you recreate the wood props so well, they're the focal point of the model for me. Great job!

    • Thanks for the nice comment! I painted the props in a light beige color, then used thin tape strips to paint the darker stripes. After coating with future to get a glossy surface, I used oils to tone down the colors and create a grainy look.

  9. Fantastic job, Jim, everything looks great, but I have to agree, the props are especially convincing.

  10. Really superb. Now I have inspiration to pull my kit out of the closet from whence it has been intimidating me.

  11. Yep, Beautifully done Jim!

  12. Great work. This must be the third or fourth Gotha I've seen this year (the others at shows). It's good that WW provide so much detail in-kit. I built a Roden Spad in 1/32 this year, but had to also buy Eduard upgrade set to get the required details. When you consider you can get many WW kits now for £70, the Roden offerings struggle by comparison in value and parts' quality, although they are still 'buildable' kits.

    • I agree 100% about the value of Wingnut Wing kits. The detail and engineering are superb, but when you consider that they throw in free shipping via air mail and the quality of their instruction manuals, it puts them in a class of their own.

      • I just remembered - at the show at RAF Hendon back in May, in the competition, a Gotha beat my Bf109 G6 into second place.

        Have to say though, the great lumbering hulk of an aircraft was a deserving winner...

  13. Fantastic job! Awesome!

  14. A museum would drool to have this in it's history department! Looks better than anything at the Smithsonian.

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