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ICM's 1/48 scale Gotha Go242A

Hi, guys... this Go242A kit is a recent addition into my collection and is rather a good kit to build, although there are a few tricky areas as well. Firstly, though, I have to apologise because I only realised a few days back that I had [...]

Roden 1/72 Gotha G.V.

This is my third build of the venerable Roden Gotha. Released 20 years ago, it retains its charm in terms of the right scale for a build of the type and of course, the large surface areas covered by the colorful lozenge camouflage. The [...]

Show your teeth! A very unique Gotha Go-242

About the Gotha Go-242 If there was a "workhorse" among the German cargo gliders, then the Go-242 deserves this title. Although the design of this glider broke new ground in many ways, the result was such a harmonious and [...]

Gotha P60 flying wing in 1/72

Dear iModelers! This article belongs to category 'what if': it is based on Horten brothers‘ flying wing aircraft concepts. At Gothaer Waggonfabrik they also worked on realizing this futurist concept at the end of WWII. In contrast to the [...]

War Above the Trenches: Gotha III

In early 1915 the Gothaer Waggonfabrik AG bought the licence to manufacture the Friedel-Ursinus "Kampfflugzeug" ("Battle plane"). Their new twin-engine aircraft received the name Gotha G.Ie. Eighteen of this type were [...]

Gotha Go 244 Italeri 1/72

Hi folks, it´s been a long time but life went some other way, anyhow, i managed to finish this Italeri kit you all know of, because of its age. It was built OOB, painted with model master enamels throughout, and varnished with alclad [...]

Gotha WD-13 Seaplane 1/16 Scratchbuilt…

Hi, I'm back 🙂 I was away for a long time because of this baby nearly for a year. On January (last year) my friend asked about 1/16 scratchbuilt this sea plane for his collection. I tried to explain to him that not much information [...]

Wingnut Wings 1/32 Gotha G.IV

Here are some images of my Wingnut Wings Gotha G.IV. Despite its size (almost 30 inch wing span) and complexity, this kit goes together amazingly well. It has to be the best engineered model I've built. It is built mostly out of the box; [...]