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Ju88 A1 ‘Battle of Britain’ 1/32

December 5, 2013 · in Aviation · · 16 · 3K

This is the kit of the A-1, B3 + DR, 7/KG 54, 'Battle of Britain, September 1940'. This aircraft features the Geschwader emblem (skull and crossbones) on the nose, with a diagonal yellow fuselage band and the number 27 on the outboard of each nacelle.

It was one of Revell's new superkits that arrived on the scene in 2009/10, distinguished by high parts count, crisp detailing, and an even crisper price; mine cost about £35 from a retail shop.

The kit does not include swastikas for the tail fin, as Revell is a German firm and it's illegal there to reproduce the symbol. I used a couple from a stash sheet. Neither are there belts. Mine were sourced from Radu Brinzan (RB Productions). These are combination paper and etch and absolutely look the business. As the kit is configured cleanly OOB, I used Model Design Construction's bomb racks and a couple of 250s. I added wiring and cables to the cockpit areas as so much area was on view. Also a sissy bar across the leading section of glazing.

Apologies for the photos of the greenhouse. I couldn't seem to pull focus across the expanse and the images are a little out of sorts.

There was some carping in the forums about the tyres being oversized, but they look OK to me. If this was the extent of Revell's Mad Enginnering Moment with this kit, then I can live with that.

Revell are about to produce an A-4 version, which should please a lot of modellers. There is also a rumour that a Dornier Do-17 is in the offing. It would certainly make an excellent display, having Revell's Ju-88s, Henikel He-111, and Dornier Do-17 set side by side, all in 1/32.

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  1. A fine build there Rob, and as you said, OOB kit which left not a lot to add as extra`s. Nice paint job to match the build.
    Well done.

  2. Nice job...I like that base, too.

  3. Looks great, Rob. I have seen those kits on the shelf and wondered about them. Nice to hear your impression and recommendation. The close ups really show the work you put in to weathering and chipping and the cockpit shows nicely through the canopy. Wondering about size of base and wingspan of plane. The display you imagine of multiple Ju-88s, He-111, and Do-17, all in 1/32, may receive a firm nod of disapproval from my spouse though!

    • The wingspan is 60cm and the fuselage is 45cm in length. The base is 55cm x 45cm. It's made from a picture frame from a local charity shop, with the backing board set in place with mastic, and a thick ready-mix filler faced across the board, then lined/squared as per runway sections and painted. For aircraft this size you pretty much have to make your own display bases, and as I don't have machine shop tools for something fancy, this is next-best for me (and cheap).

      Re display of 1/32 bombers - purely aspirational setting!

      • Thanks Rob. Yes, BIG is the word. I didn't realize you had made the base as well. It looked like it was a purchased, pre-printed card of tarmac surface mounted in a frame. I have seen them sold in other scales. Something more to compliment you on!

  4. Very Impressive, the canopy and cockpit detail look very good. Even the landing gear detail looks great!

  5. Well done Rob. The weathering is awesome. Really like the open access to the rear gunner position. What did you use to get the concrete look to the tarmac?

    • 'Concrete' is a base of Tamiya grey primer, with other grey shades sprayed over in a random pattern, but following the same rules as spraying aircraft panels - lighter towards the centres. Tamiya Smoke along panel lines, and a few dust shades simply rubbed in here and there. Better as freehand exercise than thinking too much about it, as detail looks more natural.

  6. Having done this one myself, I can say you have done a really excellent job here. Very realistic.

  7. Really great model Rob. I especially like the weathering & chipping. Your base sets it off nicely.

  8. that is a killer build man...i loved the 1/64 lindberg...amazing job

  9. Rob,
    Absolutely beautiful. Well done. I looked back at your PBY "Black Cat" and I had not told you what a fine job you did on that also. I have a book on a rescue mission by the "Black Cats" which I thought you might like to read. I think it is still available. If I can find it or remember the name of it I will let you know.

  10. Great job, very good model finely detailed.

  11. A beautiful rendition Rob, it really looks the business!

  12. Great job on that Rob. I have an interest in the Ju88 and and have built several of the Dragon 1/48 kits - this example piques my interest in tackling the bigger Revell kit one day.

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