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Airfix 1/72 Avro Lancaster

October 30, 2020 · in Aviation · · 20 · 3.8K


This is my recent project, an Avro , . I usually build 1/48 aircraft, but this one would have a 60cm wingspan, too big for my space.
Having built a few nice Airfix new tools, I have to say I was a little disappointed with this one. The fuselage halves and bomb bay doors were all warped. Not beyond repair, but it took quite some time to have them fit properly, even though not perfectly. I think that if I had tried to leave the bomb bay open, it would be a challenge.

And almost all the clear parts came with some minor scratches. The canopy have you to glue 3 parts to build it, which was quite fidlly, since they are far from being precisely molded.

Finally, the plastic is kind of rugged in general, which doesn't add for the painting finishing, decaling and washing, IMHO.

The decals were just fine, no issues at all.

Eduard clear parts masking is really recommended!

Hope you enjoy


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  1. Turned out great!

  2. That’s a mighty Lancaster, the green/brown scheme looks spot on and it’s weathering also very realistic. Splendid work!
    And I share you feelings regarding a Lanc in 1/48, might just be too big to handle. I read HK is going to market one (not surprisingly given their work in 1/32 scale and their recent similar move with the B-17), but its size is very likely too big for my small cabinet.

  3. You certainly triumphed over the kit. Nice result here.

  4. Even in 1/72 a big plane, George. @george72
    You made it look great, no signs of the imperfections.
    Really like the exhaust stains, any particular approach you used?

    • Thank you!
      For the exhaust stains, I've used, first, a very diluted mix of red brown and matt black, in a wider and longer streak; then, over it, a short and narrow streak of a very diluted light grey. Note that the outer exhausts of engines 1 and 4 don't have stains over the wing, for the diedro aerodynamics air flow prevents it.

  5. Great job, George (@george72). It looks like you battled through the problems in this kit to build a really great model. Camouflage looks very good.

  6. It sure looks a whole lot better than the original Airfix 1/72 Lancaster back when I was a kid in the 1950s. Definitely liked.

  7. Excellent result, George @george72! Interesting to know the weaknesses of the new tool Airfix kit.

  8. Nice one George! I was quite surprised as I assumed the newer Airfix are good. Recently I built a Lancaster from Hasegawa and liked a lot. I was lucky 🙂
    (Currently I'm finishing the new Airfix B-17G (which I converted to a SB-17) in Portuguese livery of the 50's and I found quite nice (not a single rivet, but ok). She will be here in a couple of weeks.)
    You did a great job, congratulations!

  9. Thank you! I was surprised too. All of my previous Airfix new tools are fine.

  10. You wouldn't know of the problems you had by looking at the end result! Fantastic build.

  11. Hoping mine turns out this good, in-fact i will be using your images for inspiration when the weathering starts.

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