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Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1a/U1

This is the version of the nightfighter. Rather than the modelling-standard of mottled camo, I wanted to replicate the in-theatre, brush-applied version, often seen in late-war photos (similar example in archive photo below).

This is an excellent kit, and while there are available any number of aftermarket items for it, the only thing I added were the belts since the Trumpeter belts are a hard, thick brass that don't settle easily even after annealing.

Although displayed here as a 'speciman build', my intention was always to use it in a wreck diorama, hence some of the particular paint distress. Other acts of random thuggery will be visited on the airframe in due course

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10 responses

  1. Great job Rob. The War Memorial museum in Saxonwold Johannesburg South Africa, has an example of the real McCoy, a two seater night fighter 262, one of a number of war booty aircraft handed over to the RSA after the war. I havent visited the Museum for a number of years now, but from what I do remember, your model is bang on, instantly bought back memories!

  2. A great build there Rob.
    Some people forget that a lot of camoflague was hand/brush painted in the field.
    Well done sir.

  3. that's a beautiful project

  4. Nice clean build, weathering and all!

  5. Rob,
    This is beautiful. You did a masterful touch with the camouflage. I love your attention to the minor details makes this model all the more impressive. Outstanding workmanship.

  6. As mentioned on a post above, here is the link to the South African Johannesberg War Museum:

  7. It's a very well detailed model, Rob, really set off by the camouflage and finish. How did you apply the camouflage?

  8. Rob, Fantastic job all around on your Me 262 Nacht Jaeger!

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