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The Classy Curtiss

I built this Academy 72nd scale kit during a 24hr. club build. I wanted to choose something from the "man cave stash from hell" that I figured would fit well and would be convincing with solely what came in the box,just to keep things simple. I was not disappointed! And I could do it NMF! It went together extremely well and the decals went down on the shiny surface with a pfffft...ahhhhh. As I recall my supreme time management skills were rewarded with a not - so -sincere "atta-boy" from the club alumni as I was the only one to finish my kit. The good memories were the real prize though, AND I had a beautiful silver bird to stuff into my display case! Also pictured is a silly little XP-40Q garnered from an old Matchbox kit. LOVE those shiny Hawks!

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  1. First, welcome to iModeler. Pretty nice job for only 24 hours. What's not to like.

    Well done.


  2. Great result indeed for a 24hr build and welcome to site.

  3. Nice P-40! The P-40Q looks interesting, I did a resin kit awhile go. Welcome aboard!

  4. Really good job, Philip! Hard to believe it's only 1/72 scale. And only in 24 hours? You are the man!
    Welcome aboard!
    All the best!

  5. Very nice 24H build indeed! Welcome to the site - hope to see you in some groups here too 🙂

  6. A 24 hour build ! That's impressive, and well done Phillip, she's a great looking P-40N. And who doesn't like a P-40. Welcome to iModeler you'll find lots of friendly folks here.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. I intend to fully integrate into the iModeler community and partake in all it has to offer...including group builds!

  8. Great looking Warhawk! I was also surprised it’s only 1/72. You must have stayed up through the night to get it done in that short time frame. Well worth it. What did you use for the NMF?

    Welcome to the party!

    • Thanks so much Eric! I am enjoying the party so far! I used Humbrol aluminum with Humbrol steel for different tones. These were older tins however and i haven't had much luck with my newer tins of the same colours. I think they changed the formulation somewhere along the line. They sure smell different anyway.

  9. Philip, I had to go back and take another look when I notice it was 1/72 scale. Very well done !

  10. Thanks for the kind words Terry, very high praise after seeing your F-4U-1! What a fine bent wing bird!

  11. Oh my goodness ! This P-40 of yours is absolutely fantastic. I just took another look at it and only now realized that it is 1/72 scale. It looks so nicely detailed I honestly thought it was a larger 1/48 size. It looks that good ... The P-40 is one of my favorite planes.

    Well done my friend and welcome to Imodeler. You will definitely like it here.

  12. Thanks Louis! Looking forward to chatting with you and all on this fabulous website!

  13. Well done Philip, welcome to iModeler.

  14. Thanks Allan! Having a great time so far!

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