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P-51D 55th FG, 343FS Flown by Capt. Robert E. Welsh (6 victories)

January 15, 2014 · in Aviation · · 21 · 2.1K

This is a that I built in 1976. This is just one of many Monogram Mustangs that I have built over the years. All things considered the Monogram kit is still one of the best for overall outline and quality and was superior for it's day. On this model I dropped the flaps and left the ammo bay open. It is what it is for the time. I entered this in the 1977 Nationals in SF and received an honorable mention. I was very happy with that and I guess in that period of time it was OK. By todays standards with the skills of modelers I would not have even entered it.

Actually the main reason I built this in this scheme is, as I have said before, build a kit named after your wife or significant other and you will never go wrong. This has remained in one piece on my shelf since the day I built it. I do plan to soon build another P-51 in 1/32 in this same scheme.

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  1. Great build there Frank.

  2. Another great job, Frank. It's hard to believe it was built that long ago, and still holds up well against today's kits. A sign of true craftsmanship !

  3. Excellent build, Frank...great job!

  4. Frank, great to see this P-51 on iModeler! I totally agree with your reasons for keeping and showing this model on the site (and many more for the same reasons!). You say "it is what it is", and, well, it is beautiful. Kind of neat to have a model like this "in the family" over the years. Thanks for posting. As I like to say, "good old Monogram"!

  5. absolutely outstanding millie p also

  6. Still looking good today Frank. This is a similar scheme flown on a restored P-51 owned by the late Tom Wood here in Indy.

  7. Nice clean build. Could you indicate what colors you used to paint with? I have a 1:32 P-51 my late father built and it needs some TLC, his paint scheme is similar to yours.Thanks!

    • Mike,

      I painted this as shown on the Microscale decal sheet #48-19. The price of the decal sheet was $2.00 so you can tell it is old. I painted the upper portion with Pactra Olive Drab enamel. Testors bought out Pactra and it is now Model Master. At this time in my modeling career I did not shade or weather any of the colors. It is straight from the bottle. I have seen some images of this aircraft and the color looks more green than Olive. There is the possibility that the color could be a British dark green. According to some info I have, the 343th FS received their P-51's in a natural finish and flew them that way until about November of 1944. The "weather was bad and things were dull so we decided to paint the aircraft" said then Major Edward Giller of "Millie G" fame. They may have used whatever color was available to them. In any event, OD would be as correct as anything else. One thing that seems to be inaccurate on this model s the color of the demarcation curved stripe. I have seen many source's since doing this model that indicate the stripe should be red not yellow. When I finally do another Mustang in this scheme I will make the stripe red. The "Millie G" is also red.

  8. Another great model to look at Frank. I really enjoy your photos.

  9. Beautiful markings! Great model! Another treat to our eyes

  10. Consistently excellent build-like your others.

  11. Nice colour scheme, Frank, and looking very good for its age.

  12. Great Mustang Frank. I like the dropped flaps, the nice sharp paint job.

  13. just goes to show a good modeler can do great things with a classic kit - great work Frank!

  14. Hey Frank, great looking subject- looking forward to the 1:32nd scale model when it's done.

  15. Man, that's nice Frank! Monogram's Mustang is a lotta bang for the buck. Great job!

  16. I was five at the time you build this masterpiece ! The kits from Monogram
    are still one of my favorites, great detail, right out of the box and their
    raised but fine panel lines look better then trenches with bullet holes nearby.
    But that is a matter of taste.


    • Bernd,
      You make me now sound so old. Aside from that I am still able to sit up and sip soup. You are absolutely correct that the Monogram kit is still one of the best. Thank you for looking back on my postings of this model. I have yet to do the 1/32 upgrade but I still have Marilyn.

  17. Hi Frank, if you are in the same condition, like your Mustang, you are
    timeless ; - )
    Every time i am in this beatiful place, i get deeper, so many nice posts


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