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1/72 North American XB-70 "VALKYRIE" - October 12, 1964 - Test flight No. 3 - 9:07 a.m.Edward's USAF Base (California)

On October 12, 1964, during its third test flight, its first supersonic, the paint of the XB-70 was torn off in entire patches on nearly 15% of the surface. Whose fault is it ? Nobody really knows, but each time a VIP was announced for a [...]

Box Scale XB-70

I’ve done a few “nostalgia builds” this year and interestingly (to me anyway) most of them were kits that I wish I had made as a kid but I didn’t. This Lindberg box scale XB-70 sort of falls in that category. I wanted a companion [...]

1/48 XB-70 Valkyrie

What we have here is Ken West's 1/48 scale XB-70. It is a paper model and very impressive when done by a paper master. (Which I am not!) I saw one completed by Mr. West himself at the EAA museum and had to have one. I didn't care that it [...]