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AMT/Airfix Eagle transporter

February 1, 2014 · in Aviation · · 23 · 2.4K

I picked this kit up at a show the other week for a fiver,it was part built and required taking apart and tidying up before rebuilding and painting but I think it turned out O.K.

The kit itself is very basic even toylike having only 38 parts and is riddled with inacuracies but looks basically like an Eagle transporter.

For those who don't know the Eagle was from the T.V. series Space 1999 which went out in thelate 70's early 80's, not sure if it was broadcast in the U.S.

Hope you enjoy looking N.

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  1. Nice looking Eagle Neil.
    I can remember the series + U.F.O as well. Futuristic stuff back in those days.

    Well done Neil.

  2. Thanks for looking Simes.

  3. Hi Neil. Nice model, and a bargain too! I remember the series as well. I am not sure about the U.S., but we had it in Canada.

  4. Neil,
    Space 1999 was broadcast in the U.S. and I used to watch it religiously along with Battlestar Galactica,up until the time that I discovered stout and women. Have no idea about the accuracy of the kit as it is based on science fiction anyway, but your build is outstanding. Looks just like the one in the show. Jakers, what ever happened to television? I would rather watch something like Space 1999 than something like Cupcake Wars.

  5. Seamus me old pal,nice to hear from you ! what happened to T.V. is that garbage like cupcake wars (we don't get that one yet but it's on it's way) costs nothing to make and decent sci fi costs a fortune,I quite like stout and women and funilly enough I like stout women as well,in fact the stouter they are the more I like 'em !

    Back to the kit there is a resin and white metal kit that is much better and in 1/72 so about 10% bigger but costs about £90 and there is a 44" kit that costs about 2 grand and will require a huge amount of work but looks absolutely stunning - 44" is in fact full size as per the studio models.

    I have a Mk 2 Viper in the stash...

    Cheers for looking,N.

  6. Neil old chum

    You bet we had Space 1999 here in the States, never missed an episode! Another favorite was "U.F.O.", and as previously mentioned, "Doctor Who". Other British SciFi series we watched were "Thunderbirds" and "Stingray". I was a little "too old" at the time (the characters were puppets) but enjoyed the special effect "models" that were used. My favorite was the TV show "Supercar", I wish they made a 1:24 scale model of Supercar. Your model looks as good as any of the models in "1999" or the other British series, nice job.

    • Thanks Mike, as I just said to Seamus you should trawl about the net to find examples of the HUGE 44" kit and you will see the difference in quality,the main fault is that the moulded framework in the body sections should actually be an open cage and the engines are very simplified.Thanks for looking ,N.

      • Lets not forget "Captain Scarlet" and "Starblazers". 155 channels that I have to pay for and all I get is Storage Wars, Cake Wars, and all that other bollocks. Television was a hell of a lot better when you did not have to pay for it and you had to get off your arse to switch channels. No wonder I spend a better part of my entertainment time reading.

        • I quite like man v food if I'm honest, captain Scarlet was o.k. but I still get giddy if I come across Thunderbirds ,did you guys get Joe 90?
          I didn't know you guys said Bollocks - nice one !

          • Neil,
            Both my father & mother were born and raised in Ireland. Dad came to the USA in 1938. After WWII, dad went back to Ireland to marry my mother, then brought her to the USA. I do not know about other Americans, but the word bullocks was used quite often in my house (as well as a few other choice words).

          • Thunderbirds are go! Anybody remember Fireball XL-5?

            Seamus, I think you're right - too much bollocks on TV these days,

  7. You guys covered it. I'll have a stout and a stout.

  8. I'm not a sci fi fan (I only watched Dr Who for the girls), so I can't comment on the accuracy of this, but it looks really neat. As for TV, well, you should try watching it in China, to call it rubbish would be a compliment!

  9. Neil,
    Great job.

  10. WOW! That is very nice! Mighty fine job, you've done on the Eagle!
    AND...thank you for the trip down memory-lane! I watched Space 1999 when I was a ten year old older brother build the same model then.
    You bought it for a fiver...a fiver... You lucky ... 😉

  11. Neil, my son and I used to watch Space 1999 religiously years ago in the 1970s. Thanks for bringing back memories with your great model. I remember Geoffrey (my son) had a metal model of the Eagle, and I think it was Matchbox or Dinky, something like that. I might even still have that somewhere. Thanks for your posting!

    • Thanks for looking Robert,the kit is really not much more than a toy with hardly any correct detail but I picked it up for a song so what the hey, it'll probably end up on Ebay.Those die cast Eagles are worth quite a bit especially in good condition ,you should dig it out.

  12. I think it was before my time mate! Looks good though. I used to watch Thunderbirds when I was a kid however. How about making the blue peter style Tracey island?!

  13. F**k me ,I left school in '83 you young pup, I was throwing up in town when you was in short pants !

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