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Supermarine Seafire Mk47 WW2 1939-1947

February 13, 2014 · in Aviation · · 39 · 2.4K

With the war in Europe now over and in a world where nuclear technology has never been developed the war against Japan rumbles on, the British government keen to reduce some of its crippling debt and in a bit of uncharacteristic showing off is supplying the U.S. with its latest ultra-powerful new Seafire in a reverse of the lend lease policy...

"What ifs"are not everyones cup of tea but this idea wormed its way into the dark recesses of my mind and wouldn't stop wriggling until I did something about it, originally this Seafire was going to be reincarnated as a Reno racer after seeing Joe Caputo's post but somehow this was born instead.

The kit is ,,with an Aeries resin seat ,also thanks to Dave Foxall of 580 modelers who supplied the decals ,some of you may remember the problem I had varnishing this build first time around - glad I didn't chuck it out now.

Your comments please Gents.


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  1. Looks Great Neil. Maybe more of a "Wht not" than a What if? ! 🙂

  2. Very nice Neil, I cansee nothing wrong with what if`s.
    What kit did you use?
    Nice paint job and build.
    Well done Neil.

  3. Morning Simes,I'll up date the post with a bit more information.This is the one that went wrong with the varnish disaster some months ago rubbed back ,rescribed and start again.
    Glad you like it.

  4. Wicked looking fighter. It's fun to scratch those itches occasionally. Nice work.

  5. Interesting concept you created here Neil and a well done model to present it.

  6. I really like the whiffer and the paint scheme is right close to my heart.

  7. Very, very cool. Nice to see a "What If" that is not "Luftwaffe 46". I especially like that it is a Spitfire. The best thing about "What Ifs" is that they drive rivet counters crazy.

  8. i agree...why not was the first thing that came to mind...very cool

  9. Neil, I'm glad you didn't toss it after you first attempt. Great looking model, very cool idea-thanks for posting it.

  10. Nice clean build. A fertile imagination in model building is a must, this is a great example of the "Builder's Art" and it's not another Luft '46 aircraft! Great job, Neil.

  11. Well you can figure I will be 100% behind anything USN! Go Navy! That looks great!

  12. some purists love to poohpooh what-ifs...i personally love them.

  13. Honestly, Neil, if you hadn't let on it is a 'what if' then I would have believed it's true it's so convincing! You should have posted it on April 1st!

    • Hi George,I thought about April 1st but I just couldn't wait that long to get this out ,I just knew it was going to be popular and the lure of kind words from my esteemed peers was too much to resist.
      Thanks for looking.

  14. Neil,
    You have indeed made a winner. You have taken a beautiful Spitfire and combined it with a beautiful Corsair and have turned it into a classic masterpiece. This is a compliment to the RAF and the USN. I absolutely love it. Outstanding.

  15. I really like it, Neil. No problem with "what ifs" here.

  16. I love what ifs! That's a beaut Neil, I like the backstory too.

  17. I have this kit stowed away in my stash. I don't like "What if's!", I LOVE them! I've been thinking about doing it in an 801 NAS theme (last Harrier FA2 operational unit). Some designs are timeless, the Spitfire is at the top of the list!

    • Hi Roberto , we say immitation is the highest form of compliment so I would love to see another one , we could start a Seafire what if SIG !
      Thanks for looking.N.

  18. Reincarnation, or is it resurrection, either way this came out beautifully. When they come out that nice, it's hard to believe it didn't exist. Great job, Neil, and while I didn't have anything to do with it directly, I'll still be waiting to see that Reno racer...

  19. Hi Joe, your "Heiney racer" was my first inspiration but this idea just flashed into my mind like a photo of it as a real aircraft and I just knew it had to be done. Love your green and white Hunter by the way.
    P.S. we have a mutual friend in Simon.

    • Hi Neil, the biggest benefit of this site is meeting guys like you and Simon. Being an "inspiration" to each other, is another. We get to see some awesome work, compare notes, and learn a little in the mix. Most of us build the same type of models, enjoy the same variety, and are pleased to be able to view others accomplishments. The "trips down memory lane" are neat too. It's like a virtual model club, and the best part of any club, are the friends you make.

  20. The Spitfire/Seafire shape looks awesome in sea blue, but the markings from the USS Bunker Hill really make it!

    • Thanks for looking Josh ,I knew it was USS Bunker Hill but never mentioned it so very good for recognising the markings,I'm impressed !.
      Welcome to the site ,let's see some off your stuff.

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