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The T-2C Buckeye. SpecialHobby 1/48

February 4, 2014 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.7K

The Specialhobby T-2C is one of the toughest models I have ever built. A lot of attention to aligment of the parts e dryfitings is required before you start this one. This is a multi media kit that brings injected parts with finely engraved panel lines, resin parts, PE fret and two vacum forming canopies and injected clear parts to landing lights.

In some areas the instructions are a little bit vague, but the internet is a good source pictures for this airplane.

The painting process was done using Tamiya colors. The Orange color (almost red) was done by mixing tamiya red and orange using a FS catalog as reference.

To create the contrast of the panel lines I´m used a new technique (for me, at least) by striping the paint using a scriber. The gray color of the plastic underneath the paint is enough to create the contrast. However, you must have a steady hand to do this. I had to retouch the withe color in some areas due some scratches created during this process.

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you like it!

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  1. You've done an outstanding job on this, Daniel...I've looked mine over and after seeing what you've accomplished, combined with the difficulty involved, have decided to put this one at the bottom of the 'to-do" list. I can already envision another entry for the shelf of doom. Fantastic workmanship, looks really good when done "right".

  2. Thanks Craig!

    Come on don´t give up on this. This is hard but not impossible to do!

  3. Oh you got this one! Well done T-2, Daniel, 1st one I have seen completed from Special Hobby. Since I have never built any Special Hobby kits can't comment on how labor intensive they are. Tough enough building a mainstream kit these days. You did an outstanding job on this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Daniel,
    This may have been your toughest kit to build but you sure stepped up you the challenge. This is absolutely gorgeous. A sincere compliment to you for what you have done here. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. you do nice work daniel

  6. Very clean build. For a difficult kit you sure made it look easy.
    Well done.

  7. Having built a mess of Special Hobby kits-they do some great ones that are hard to find-I applaud you. They are fiddly, vague and the Queens of Dry Fitting. Very well done.

  8. Nice clean build. From your description of the build, the results were worth your extra effort, great appearence.

  9. Daniel, I know nothing about the prototype, or Special Hobby kits, but it's obvious you've built an outstanding model from the photographs.

  10. That's a VERY NICE Buckeye Daniel. Very clean build.

  11. Just the fact that you actually got a SpecialHobby kit built deserves an "Outstanding" from me.

  12. Excellent work - I test-fitted one at the LHS and decided I wasn't that big a T-2C fan. Your effort to overcome the usual MPM "fit? fit! we don't need no steenking fit!" design philosophy is highly commendable. A very nice result and a triumph of talent and skill over matter.

  13. Yeah, I'm with Tom after checking out "what's in the box". Your hard work and obvious skill shows beautifully on the finished model.

  14. Outstanding work, Daniel! the Buckeye is a favorite of mine , and yours is a beauty. Well done, sir!

  15. Very nice job! How on earth did they make that thin wing strong enough to handle carrier landings, with that wide track wing mounted landing gear? I have a movie clip of a very bad accident when a pilot stalled on a deck landing go around, possibly caught out by the early generation jet engine throttle lag, the Buckeye autorotated and crashed onto the deck, causing mayhem.

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