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April 17, 2014 · in Aviation · · 13 · 3.8K

Full body and wings conversion of -400 into 747-300, including:
Reworked into the correct shape, reworked and cut wings into the correct shape, reworked vertical stabilizer, rescribed panel lines, reworked landing gear and bays including all hydraulic lines and pipes, extratech PE set EX14423, Bra.Z models Rolls-Royce resin engines BZ4007 & Brasil Decal sheet BD144-002

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  1. Wow, that's a colorful airliner, you accomplished a lot of rework, very impressive. Perhaps you could expand on the aircraft's history as it pertains to it's paint scheme. (I know little about today's airlines and logos/paint schemes).

  2. Second of three Boeing 747-338s ordered new by Qantas - November 18, 1983

    Rolled off the Boeing production line at Seattle (Everett) - December 6, 1984

    Powered by Rolls Royce RB211-524D4 engines

    First flown as N5573P - December 21, 1984

    Entered onto Australian Aircraft Register as VH-EBU - January 24, 1985

    Registered to Qantas Airways Ltd, Sydney

    Accepted by Qantas at Seattle (Everett) - January 24, 1985

    Ferried Seattle - Los Angeles as QF501P (Capaints C. Viertal, A. Bones) - January 25, 1985

    Operated supplementary passenger service Los Angeles - Sydney as QF501 - January 25, 1985

    Arrived Sydney at conclusion of delivery flight - January 27, 1985

    Delivery route: Seattle - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Sydney

    Flight crew: Captains C. Viertal, A. Bones

    Operated first revenue service Sydney - Melbourne as QF28 - February 2, 1985

    Operated first international service Melbourne - Sydney - Singapore - Bahrain - London as QF1 - February 3, 1985

    Operated British Airways service London - Brussels - London as BA384 - September 2, 1985

    Aircraft renamed 'City of Warrnambool' at Sydney - September 20, 1989

    Entered maintenance at Sydney for repainting into special Aboriginal livery - October 19, 1995

    Rolled out at Sydney in 'Nalanji Dreaming' livery - November 14, 1995

    Returned to service to mark Qantas 75th Anniversary Sydney - Tokyo as QF21 - November 16, 1995

    Ferried Sydney - Avalon as QF6195 for long term storage - February 1, 2005

    Cancelled from Australian Aircraft Register - May 1, 2008

    Currently derelict at Avalon, Victoria minus engines and many parts

    Aircraft is in basic blue fuselage livery with red tail

    Observed stored at Avalon with major parts missing - September 30, 2010

    Derelict at Avalon Airport - 2012

  3. I don't think spectacular is an overstatement. I don't see how you kept track of your paint & decal positions.
    Probably the most involved livery I have seen on a modern airliner.

  4. Even without the rework there's a lot involved there! It looks like the decals were pretty well engineered. Can you imagine how the painters felt on the real deal? I think the only airliner I've seen that's more colorful is Austin Power's jumbo jet!

  5. Fabulour, Alexander, really well researched, built, finished and photographed.

  6. Makes the old Calder designs look mundane. Really nice!

  7. Alexander,
    Outstanding build. You obviously know your airliners. I look forward to seeing more of your models.

  8. Thank you guys for all your comments and for your kind words! I wish to all of you Happy Easter Holidays!

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