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Me109G-6 Finnish Air Force

September 14, 2017 · in Aviation · · 21 Comments

Olá a todos!

Hi all

Here is another 109.

but not new tool. Very scarce interior detail to say the least. Wrong MG bubbles on the nose, to name a few.

For the W.I.P. click here:


21 responses

  1. Very good Friday morning to wake up and see familiar cool shark teeth Bf109 model.
    My dad’s a good friend Börje ”Böke” Hjelm decided to paint those teeth to his ME-422 in 1948. And very soon those same fancy teeth were ordered for removal … no humor allowed in military planes here at that time ?! Btw Captain Hjelm also started IPMS Finland in 1968. Thank you for sharing your nice model of his ”Mersu”.

    • Thanks mate!
      So it confirms the research I've done when building this kit.
      It was challenging since I had so contradicting versions, I mean, with or without the cloud and bat on the fuselage.

  2. Nice finishes, Paul - nothing overstated.

  3. Great work Paulo. Nice to see the Finnish markings, and well done with the 'beule' they look fine. I have built this kit in the past - I did the Swiss markings. The kit is a little dated but is great fun to build.

    • Hi David
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, this kit is outdated for sure. I bought by mistake. I thought it would be the new generation.
      If now, I'll definitely would buy Fine Moulds or AZ.

  4. Exellent job Paulo 🙂


  5. great work on this 109 ! very Nice!

  6. Looks like an Me-109 to ME (never seen one with the shark mouth before, though).

  7. Great-looking 109. I like those markings - may have to do something similar, as I tend to go for more unusual schemes than the standard.

  8. By the way - thanks for posting the WIP link - very helpful build article! Great work - again!

  9. Really nicely done - terrific painting and weathering ?

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